Wednesday, 30 June 2010

July 2010 (Week 1) Clubbing Listings: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Dundee

Starting the month off with a new addition, each week of listings will now include featured club of the week!


Club: Dirt
Venue: GRV
Date: 2nd July

Live audio and visual guests for this evening are Guns at Dawn aka Dickie Drysdale and AnaRkid, supported by Cobi, Maestro and DD for full-on bassline rumbles. Fidget the house away with techno and electro beats!

11pm-3am, £4 / £3 before midnight

Club: Big'N'Bashy
Venue: Bongo Club
Date: 3rd July

South-East London Grime MC P-Money rolls into town for a big'n'bashy night of reggae, dubstep and more. DJ Magic adds the bassy finishing touches.

11pm-3am, £8

Club: Fake
Venue: Sneaky Pete's
Date: 3rd July

Scrubber Fox (live av set) and EatDisco prevail as headline guests at Fake, who love their electro breaks with plenty substance.

11pm-3am, £3 / members free

Club: Ultragroove
Venue: Cabaret Voltaire
Date: 3rd July

There's only one Ultragroove party of house, techno and disco this month, resting up to take August and the Edinburgh festival by storm! One half of the Edinburgh boat party team, Harry Bennet, joins resident Gareth Sommerville - land ahoy!

11pm-3am, £8 / £5 before midnight and students


Featured Club of the Week: Discopia
Venue: The Admiral
Date: 3rd July

They've come to save your house and disco! Or rather, if you fancy jigging away in the name of local revivals this is the club fundraiser for you!

Lo-Quality grabbed a quick chat with Discopia co-founder Niall Connolly to get the lowdown.

Who is the fundraiser for and why? "We are raising funds to get the Discopia website back online. We launched it in 2005 (after being a printed fanzine) and have featured writing from and articles on David Mancuso, Greg Wilson, Alden Tyrell, Daniel Wang, Metro Area, Nicky Siano, JD Twitch, I-F, Daniele Baldelli, Bill Brewster and more. The radio show had sets from Prins Thomas, Cosmo, Maurice Fulton, Danny Wang and hundreds of other folk. But one of the main aspects of the 'zine is that it was a platform for, and supported, the Glasgow disco scene, which basically doesn't get a look in anywhere else. So when we return we will have interviews with some pretty big names, but also a focus on all the DJ and production talent on our doorstep. We are also planning to start a record label to release music by some of that talent too."

Who is playing? "We've managed to get the cream of Glasgow's disco DJs on board for the fundraiser, which I am very proud about! Our kick ass line up will see music being spun by Billy Woods (Der Supermax), Andrew Pirie (Melting Pot), Teamy (Wrong Island), David Barbarossa (Fun Size), Ally McLeod (Refo Recordings) and myself. Melting Pot have kindly let us take their slot at the Admiral while they're on a summer hiatus, so really there's no excuse not to come. Get your dancing shoes on!"

What are you wearing? "My best Brian-Blessed-in-Flash-Gordon finery."

11pm-3am, £6

Extra: Free mix for your listening pleasure and to celebrate the Discopia website: "It's 69 minutes of very uptempo, string-laden, soulful late-70s disco, and you can download it from here.

  • TWO TONS OF FUN Do You Wanna Boogie, Hunh?
  • CELI BEE Fly Me On The Wings Of Love
  • FARRARI Love Attack (12" Mix)
  • SYLVESTER Dance (Disco Heat)
  • P'ZAZZ I Heard It Through The Grapevine
  • INNER LIFE You Got Me Dancing
  • THE VILLAGE PEOPLE San Francisco
  • NIGHTLIFE UNLIMITED Dance, Freak and Boogie (Remix)
  • UNIVERSAL ROBOT BAND Dance & Shake Your Tambourine
  • EROTIC DRUM BAND Action '78 (Edited Version)
  • GOODY GOODY #1 Dee Jay

Club: Slabs of the Tabernacle
Venue: La Cheetah
Date: 3rd July

Going on a Detroit techno theme this month, aptly titled the Summer Detroit Party, Slabs welcome Hek and Binny of Liverpool's Voodoo / Rehab, and Arne Weinberg of diametric for a root around techno's origins and teeth-shattering qualities. Support comes from Andrew Ingram.

11pm-3am, £5

Club: Bigfoot's Tea Party
Venue: The Goat
Date: 3rd July

Warm up for Saturday night with day-time DJs, including special techno guest Hans Bouffmhyre, a BBQ, visuals and a live mural wall (whatever that is? Attendees answers are welcomed!) courtesy of Bigfoot's Tea Party.

1pm-11pm, £10


Club: Mothership & Let It Bleed
Venue: Club Snafu
Date: 3rd July

Ed Banger Records' hero Feadz lands the Mothership with a hefty dose of French-inspired electro and techno. From humble beginnings at the feet of Mr Oizo, a man intrisically linked forever with denim trousers, Feadz has gone on to help the career of former girlfriend Uffie as well as blow the minds of the good people of BPitch Control.

11pm-3am, £7 advance

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

June 2010 (Week 4) Clubbing Listings: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Dundee

Hmm, what has happened to Dundee and Aberdeen? It's all quiet on the Eastern front! Were the cities obliterated and no-one's noticed yet, or is everyone taking a rest? (Except the hardcore dance crew, they never take a rest!)


Club: Dub Kaoss
Venue: Citrus Club
Date: 24th June

Start the weekend early with Dub Kaoss, turning out the rock-steady crew of Citrus Club for some fucked up and free beats.

11pm-3am, £3 / Free before 12am

Club: Karnival
Venue: Cabaret Voltaire
Date: 26th June

Karnival bring some Taste to their house beats, welcoming former Taste resident Brian Fister to host a room of house and techno. Mike Pinkerton, Matt Edwards, Ryan Ellis and The Oxygen Junkies join him, while Tokyo Blu host the back room. Keep the beats big!

11pm–3am, £7 / £5 before 12am or NUS

Club: Playdate
Venue: Sneaky Pete's
Date: 26th June

Simply noted as 'GDDM HSE MUZK', Stewart and Steven of Playdate are joined by special guest Sad Panda (from Club Sick Note) for another house, techno and disco mess about.

11pm-3am, £3 / Free to members

Extra: If you've still got the energy, head back the next night for another instalment of Coalition, the breaks, dubstep, dnb and extra bass club with residents Treason, Drummel and Paranoise. 11pm-3am, free


Club: How's Your Party?
Venue: Sub Club
Date: 25th June

C'est super-trendy Institubes label de Parisienne et* fellow offsping Bobmo, who will be taking the decks at How's Your Party this month, for a grind-up of bass, techno, electro and house (Chicago rather than French). Boom Monk Ben and Point To C provide the Solid Steel support.

*(Lo-Quality smiles and nods at their Standard Grade French Certificate)

11pm-3am, £5 / free before 12am

Club: Pressure  
Venue: The Arches
Date: 25th June

Four hour special deep, progressive house and techno set from Slam tonight - you have them aw to yourself!

11pm-3am, £7+bf

Club: Specialitee & Monox
Venue: Soundhaus
Date: 26th June

Soundhaus' in-house event, Specialitee celebrates their regular techno friends, Monox, with special guests Dan, Smartie, Jackmaster and Stephen Brown (live).

11pm-3am, £8 / £6 members

Thursday, 17 June 2010

June 2010 (Week 3) Clubbing Listings: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Dundee

Gotta keep it light on the listings info this week - Lo-quality has been hit with a deluge of mundane things outside the internet demanding attention. Need any more details (on clubs, not my private life), feel free to email.


Club: Substance
Venue: GRV
Date: 19th June

Luke Slater appears at Substance as Planetary Assault Systems for an all out techno and electro ride through the galaxy. Strap in and melt out.

10.30pm-3am, £12 on the door

Club: Messenger Sound System 
Venue: Bongo Club
Date: 19th June

MC Ras Echo brings the roots and reggae to the Mighty Messenger - may Jah have blessing on the speakers.

11pm-3am, £7 / £6 after

Club: Ultragroove
Venue: Cabaret Voltaire
Date: 19th June

Ultragroove welcomes Craig Smith (6th Borough Project) among old house friends for another punch to the face of quietness, riding high on the success of recent releases, and becoming resident of new club Heavy Gossip. Gareth Sommerville supports.

11pm-3am, £8 / £5 before midnight or students all night

Extra: Craig also appears at SouLoco at Cabaret Voltaire's Speakeasy on 25 June - deep, soulful and tech-house. Support from residents Jamie McKenzie, Chris Graham, and Kirk Douglas (no, probably not that one). 11pm-3am, £5 / £3 before midnight or students


Club: Argonaut Sounds
Venue: Blackfriars
Date: 18th June

Usually providing pre-club parties for Mungo's Hi-Fi, Argonaut Sounds take to the later hours for a reggae soundsytem at their new venue in the Merchant City.

11pm-3am, £3 / free before 11.30pm

Club: Code
Venue: Club 69, Paisley
Date: 19th June

Surgeon. S-u-r-g-e-o-n. SURGEON! surgeon. A four/four style preview almost seems apt for advertising techno specialist Surgeon, making his debut at Code. 'Mon the Paisley beats!

11pm-3am, £10

Club: Death Disco 
Venue: The Arches
Date: 19th June

Sporting an electro air-travel theme this month, Death Disco say they will be "ensuring the party atmosphere is guaranteed to take flight" after the Volcano mishaps earlier in the year. For maximum irony, they've invited Aeroplane to headline, along with a live appearance from The Swiss for an italo-pop belt around the ears (Autralian-style). Aeronautical outfits required!

10pm–4am, £14 / £7 with a half price pass - sign up

June 2010 (Week 2) Club Listings: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee

Gotta keep it light on the listings info this week - Lo-quality has been hit with a deluge of interview requests and mundane things outside the internet demanding attention. Need any more details, feel free to email.


Club: Headspin
Venue: Bongo Club
Date: 12 June

Watch out for an upcoming feature on this - Headspin have announced that they will cease monthly clubs in August, in favour of one-off specials after 12 years at the decks. Catch the third-last regular event this Friday with a residents' special of hip-hop, funk and beats.

11pm-3am, £5
Club: StepBack
Venue: Sneaky Pete's
Date: 12 June

Joining residents Wolfjazz and Keyte for quality ghetto-tech (remember that genre?), electro, dubstep, Baltimore and hip-hop, Ethan Holben of XLR8R magazine leaves behind his day job of advertising manager and slips into his evening guise of club DJ.

11pm-3am, £2 / members free


Club: Return to Mono
Venue: Sub Club
Date: 11 June

Cajmere, the Chicago house alter-ego of Green Velvet will join Slam for another Return to Mono for an easy choice on a Friday night. Try the new dish, or stick with the favourite? For those missing out on Rockness this is a chance to catch Cajmere / Green Velvet before he headlines at the Soma-curated Afterburner Stage.

11pm-3am, £12

Club: Hung Up!
Venue: Sub Club
Date: 13 June

Plugging in for Hung Up is Ewan Chambers, KXP and resident JD Twitch - they're keeping the connections flaring with this line-up; Ewan Chambers used to host Optimo after-parties and currently presents Bogey Music on Sub City, and KXP are rescheduled from their appearance at Optimo (Volcano again!), and appear with Hung Up as their new incarnation of Opel Bastards, the first non-Glaswegian band to play Optimo. "Fuck shit up!"

11pm-3am, £more on door / £4 before midnight

More info: Hung Up! is on every Sunday

Club: 440 Hertz
Venue: Club 69, Paisley
Date: 12 June

How many Hertz you want?
440 please, and chuck some techno.
Would a Billy Nasty do you, sir?
Aye, give it to me hard and underground!
With support from Aiden Travers and friends.

11pm-3am, £10

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Free tunes: Nicolas Masseyeff Mix

Check it out - free techno, house and electro Nicolas Masseyeff Mix for your listening pleasure: download here

Tracklisting :
  1. Dapayk Solo - Estral - Mo's Ferry Productions
  2. Robag Wruhme - Blech Beule - Circus Company
  3. Phono and Kemi - Tiger Tiger (Martinez Rmx) - Highgrade
  4. Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts #1 - Faces Records
  5. Dale & Daniel Dreier - Mutanga - Highgrade
  6. Zander VT - Trying Some More - Bpitch Control
  7. Deo & Z-Man - The Damaja - Dekadent
  8. Tom Laws - Voices - iNminimax records
  9. Quince - Soba - Green
  10. Oliver Huntemann - Keep on Playing - Ideal Audio
  11. Bukaddor and Fishbeck - Smile - MBF
  12. Henry Cullen - Oh Yeah - Mutate to Survive
  13. Phil Kieran - Never Ending Mountain - Egbert Remix - Cocoon Recordings
  14. Deetron - Collide - Green
  15. Nicolas Masseyeff - Nor More Time feat Jr C. - Herzblut
  16. Asem Shama - Killer - Highgrade
  17. Anil Chawla - Do It - Great Stuff
  18. Kiko - Soleil Vert - Signature
  19. Turntablerocker - All Night (Club Mix) - Compost
  20. Comfort Fit - Ask The Devil feat Marks Howard (Laurent Garnier remix) - Tokyo Dawn records
  21. Solomun - Cloud Dancer (Manuel Tur´s Vox Mix) - Diynamic

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

June 2010 (Week 1) Clubbing Listings: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Dundee


Club: Tokyoblu
Venue: Cabaret Voltaire
Date: 4th June

Tokyoblu invite back Epic 26 for another live house gig with extra percussion from Davi McGeorge and support from the Tokyoblu DJs themselves, John and Iain. Room 2 is funkily hosted by Niall and Denis McKervey, and DJ Nobad. Plus there's a free Tokyoblu CD giveaway; 50 copies of five different mixes from DJs playing on the night - grab a limited edition copy while you can!

11pm-3am, £8 / £5 guestlist

Club: Jackhammer
Venue: The Caves

Date: 5th June

After a few cancellations hitting Scotland over the last month, clubs and artists have still managed to find a way to bring music to you; having re-scheduled his Telefunken appearance from last month, Rolando now plays Jackhammer.

Roll up for Rolando, the Knight of Jaguar, for a Telefunken Jackhammer show in Edinburgh's underbelly. We're way past the Underground Resistance days now, but his important influence in underground house and techno still resonates to this day - plus he's perhaps the only Detroit DJ to choose a relocation to Edinburgh! Stephen Brown supports.

10.30pm-3am, £9

Club: Big 'N' Bashy
Venue: The Bongo Club
Date: 5th June

At some point you'll need to lay off the house and techno beats this weekend, so Big 'N' Bashy provide the reggae, grime and dubstep at a cool temperature. Messenger Sound System, Decoy Roy, Deburgh, Tekamine and Faze are all in on the Saturday night action.

11pm-3am, £tbc

Club: Volume!
Venue: Sneaky Pete's
Date: 5th June

How many free parties have Volume! had now? Plenty by my records, but they just keep giving, with another residents special featuring Termite, G-Mac, Paranoise and Brian D'Souza on the dubstep, bassline, jungle, dnb and Baltimore.

11pm-3am, £0


Club: Numbers & Monox
Venue: Sub Club
Date: 4th June

Techno clubs unite! Here's hoping they have special techno fraternity rings which can be combined to produce Captain M-Plant - oh wait, they can, it's the Numbers and Monox beast with Robert Hood! Detroit sounds ring out against Levon Vincent's house jams and the lovely-titled (if I do say so myself) Underground Quality label boss, DJ Jus Ed.

10pm-4am, £12

Club: Confusion
Venue: Soundhaus
Date: 5th June

Radioactive Man aka Keith Tenniswood of the Two Lone Swordsmen spins electro, techno and breaks for the Soundhaus select, playing his second of only two Scottish dates in the run up to summer. Matthew Smillie (Stereofunk), Matt Lygate (Orderly Disorder), Ben McKlusky, and James Campbell b2b with Ross McDonald form the support!

11pm-3am, £10 guests / £8 members

Extra: Also playing at Jackhammer, Radioactive Man stops off in Edinburgh on June 4 at the Wee Red Bar. Stepback and Gee Dubs on support. 11pm-3am, £8 / £6


Club: Let it Bleed and Mixtape
Venue: Snafu
Date: 4th June

For their 'end of term smackdown', the man who put sin into Sinden and tropical sounds will delight the students celebrating the end of exams and the coming of summer with an electro and house smackin' set.

11pm-3am, £7 adv.


Club: Headway
Venue: Reading Rooms
Date: 4th June

Take 2! This event had to be rescheduled due to the sudden illness of Carl Craig's daughter - all is well now though, so here's last month's blurb to remind you of what's ahead!

From Detroit to Dundee: Carl Craig leaves Planet E for Planet Earth to ring in Headway's 6th Birthday with a special extended set. And they may not have all of it, but Headway are also bringing in part of the Funktion 1 sound system to ensure the moody bass and enticing melodies are at just the right level.

9.30pm-3am, £12 adv.

More info: Tickets bought for last month are still valid.

Extra: Carl Craig's Resident Advisor podcast no. 200 is available here

Featured interview: Lorn

Lo-Quality will keep genre pretty vague here, simply noting that 23 year old Lorn makes emotive electronic music; reflecting on his environment and encounters, translated into moody beats and sweeping synths for his debut album, 'Nothing Else', out on June 7th.

 Credit: Nathan Osterhaus

"Genres and styles are irrelevant to me when I'm making and listening to music: I typically get drunk out of my mind and let things take their natural course," Lorn explains. "Paradigms and parameters are bullshit, and are especially silly in something like electronic music, where sounds and possibilities are virtually limitless. If I make a tune where a snare drum hits on the 3rd then it's 'dubstep'? Give me a fucking break. I'm not at all willing but categorisation isn't really something any musician can avoid, even on a track-by-track basis, so fuck it."

Featuring 12 tracks, the LP is the second release for Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label, who contacted Lorn through Myspace after hearing an early version of his 'Tomorrow' track. "At the time I was finishing up 'Nothing Else' in upper Wisconsin and sent it over to him. Guess it stuck a chord with him... eventually we spoke at a Low End Theory gig I played, where he essentially invited me onboard the Brainfeeder ship. I had also met GLK, Daddy Kev, Samiyam, Ras G, Nosaj Thing, Kutmah - pretty much the whole team, so it was a good introduction to the community and extended Brainfeeder family. As far as what it's like to be released on the label, I'm honoured to be connected with a group of really amazing artist, musicans and pioneers," he tells us.

The tracks traverse from the eerie chiming and ticking of 'Grandfather' into the lamenting vocode of 'None an Island'; marching into a tremolo death ('Army of Fear') raising the kind of emotives that get Tim Burton hard, and the 'Ghostlawns' glitch-hop of Anti-Pop Consortium on 'Void I' and 'Void II'. Indeed the organs and arpeggios will please DJ Shadow fans, while the sounds of a robot contorting its own circuit board across 'Automaton' and 'Greatest Silence' gives technology fans a feel-good shudder down the spine. At times the music sounds as if it is being reflected back on itself, demanding self-awareness and imbuing an indeterminate surface.

The album was soon in the hands of Warp Records' Clark, who mastered a version of 'Tomorrow' which "completely fucking blew [Lorn] away". Flying Lotus and Lorn approached Clark eager for him to master the entire LP. "Clark has always been one of those artists who really cares about and experiments with how his music sounds," he reveals. "That kind of consideration is hard to come by in electronic music, which seems to be dominated by EQ / synth presets and stock sounds. To my own credit the original versions weren't too shabby but he really brought the best out of the songs. Someone once told me my tracks sounded like 'designer rust' - I'd say Clark added some essential years to the album's finish."

Lorn's 'Nothing Else' LP is out on Brainfeeder on June 7th