Friday, 18 December 2009

Genre deconstruction: UK Funky

Until about two weeks ago, the genre of UK Funky was ashamedly unbeknownst to this writer, and searching the web reveals limited press coverage. Ok, it's not a brand new genre but like most can be considered a mutation or evolution of dance music; take a house template then carefully add some meaty r&b, and infuse with your choice of rhythms - whether that be afrobeat, soca, latin, garage or extremely bass heavy.

2008 appears to mark the genre's advance into clubbers' consciousness, via underground clubs in Lahndahn. Now, although it is a 'funky' music based on house, artists are quick to ascertain the difference to funky house.

Listen to the vids below for a very basic introduction to the difference in sounds:

Roska - Climate Change (UK Funky)

StoneBridge Feat. Therese - Put Them High(Funky house)

If you want to break it down into the technical similarities / dissimilarities we'll a) be here all day, and b) will end up further away from any definitive conclusion than when we started. The quickest breakdown relies on the general 'feeling' of the track, and which elements are emphasised most: here it is clear that UK funky is far more 'urban' and grime/garage influenced than traditional funky house, and certainly leans heavily on tribal percussion.

Hands down the number one resource for indulging your interests is, with a forum moderated by the freshest UK funky artists; mp3 store; charts; videos; latest news, as well as being the home of UK Funky Records.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Free Tunes Pt III

Like the Back To The Future franchise... but much better

Rogue Robots

Rogue Robots aka UK talent, Gareth Salmon and Lee Nazari, are a recent formation, existing for slightly over a year. The following title track is released on the 'Bass EP', also featuring new beats 'Rhythm Machine' and 'Speak and Spell', out on Mode 2. Grungy electro with robotic inspiration and dnb style breakdown!

Bass (Mode2)

The track is also featured on the following mix for download!


1. Jayforce feat. Emp - 'Rhymes Delight'
2. Defunct! - 'Fokkin Lekker'
3. Santiago & Bushido - 'Make Me Feel'
4. Hardrive - 'Deep Inside' (Harry Choo Choo Mix)
5. Will Bailey - 'What's Your Game'
6. Electrixx - 'Tetris'
7. Calvertron - 'Doo Doo'
8. Costello - 'Girls Speak Louder' (Donique Mix)
9. Rogue Robots - 'Rhythm Machine'
10. Rockwell D - 'You Can't Cool'
11. Rogue Robots - 'Bass'
12. The Doxis & Plumo - 'Nordlicht' (Jelo Mix)
13. Disco of Doom - 'Warpig'
14. Audius - 'Body Body' (Calvertron Mix)


Deekline + McKie - Don't Smoke 09 Mega Mix
- download link

Garage revival for 2000s wonder Deekline, with a release on Rat Records - grab it on vinyl.


1. Deekline- 'I Don't Smoke' Original Mix
2. Deekline- 'I Don't Smoke' Deekline + Tim Healey Mix
3. Deekline- 'I Don't Smoke' Utah Saints Mix
4. Deekline- 'I Don't Smoke' Crissy Cris Mix
5. Deekline- 'I Don't Smoke' Deekline and Ed Solo Vs System Mix
6. Deekline & Dustin H Feat. Sportio - 'Apple Bottom'
7. Kid Congo – 'TBC'
8. Krafty Kuts – 'Shake it to the Ground'
9. Stanton Warriors – 'Raw'
10. Deekline & Ed Solo – 'Forgot About the Booty'
11. Deekline & Tim Healey feat. Bounty Killer – 'Bring it Back'
12. Egypt – 'In the Morning' Deekline & Ed Solo Remix
13. Jonny L – 'Oh Why' Deekline & Ed Solo Relick
14. T-Bone, MC Kie & Sparks – 'Fly By'
15. MJ Cole – 'Mad Man'
16. Rye Rye – 'Bang' (Wide Boyz Mega Mix) Stanton Warriors Remix
17. David Guetta & Afrojack – 'Toyfriend' Deekline & Dustin Hulton Edit
18. Krafty Kuts – 'Shake Your Hips'
19. Skream – 'Burning Up' Herve / Stanton Warriors Edit
20. Felipe Avelar – 'Automatic Break'
21. Savage feat. Porscha – 'Swing 2009' DJ Chaos Remix
22. Sub Focus – 'Rock It' Stanton Warriors Re-Rub
23. Ivory – 'Hand Grenade'
24. Ivory – 'Hand Grenade' Excision & Datsik Remix
25. Ed Solo – 'Egyptian Horns'
26. Deekline & Ed Solo – 'Felix Hustle'
27. Uncle Al – 'Hoes in the House'

Ellis D (Rhythm Section)

The decade of 2000 has been all about the revivals; dusting off old records, cleaning up the artists, and kicking them down a stage for your approval. There's been terrible mistakes (Spice Girls - why, Take That - why, Dollar - for fuck's sake...) but dance music is rather more forgiving, primarily because unless you were stationed in the hot beds of activity in the early days, the artists and even tracks were faceless and nameless. The cult of celebrity did not swathe them, and they made music relentlessly, often for what we could consider a tuppence in comparison to the bulging bank balances of the mainstream. When dance artists return, they tend to appear as if rejoining the party - people smile and nod, and ask what they've been doing, where they've been, before proffering a space behind the turntables. Perhaps I'm looking at this through rose-tinted glasses, but I do feel there is a definite degree of respect rather than distrust.

Enough havering, check this out: early 90s hardcore breakbeat group Rhythm Section are releasing a series of remixes of their 1991 rave classic, 'Coming on Strong', featuring Caper (dubstep rinse), Slum Dogz (dnb wash), Black Noise (electro-house scrub) and new takes from original members Rennie Pilgrem, Ellis D and Nick Newton (with the exception of 4th member, Ritchie T). The nine track LP is out on RSR over Jan / Feb 2010.

The original clinged to the Kiss chart for 18 months; here's a taster -

But wait, I said free tunes didn't I? Ellis D has put together two DJ mixes, taking you on a trip down old skool lane.

Ellis D – Old School Ibiza Mix (Download link)


1. Kariya – ;Baby Let Me Love You For Tonight'
2. C&C Music Factory – 'Everybody Dance Now'
3. Patti Day – 'Right Before My Eyes'
4. Twin Hype – 'For Those That Like To Groove'
5. Doug Lazy – 'Let It Roll'
6. Young MC– 'Know How'
7. Doug Lazy – 'Let The Rhythm Pump'
8. Toni Scott – 'That’s How I’m Living'
9. Stevie V – 'Dirty Cash'
10. True Faith – 'Take Me Away'
11. Airtight – 'Give It Up'
12. Danny D – 'Found Love'

13. Everybody – 'Fpi Project'
14. Alison Limerick – 'Where Love Lives'

Ellis D – Ultimate Old Skool 92 DJ Mix (download link)

No tracklist - it's all white label promos!

Boom Monk Ben

Glasgow's Boom Monk Ben has compiled another ace mixtape for your aural pleasure (mmm, aural), taking in dubstep, jazz, classic soul and a genre I will very shortly be featuring in my next blog post: UK funky. Diplo, Malente, Roska, GreenMoney, N*E*R*D, The Heavy and Rusko rub shoulders amongst a 20-track strong mix.

Boom Monk Ben's Ain’t Misbehavin’ Mix is available (right here) or at his Mixed Bizness blog, where more mixes and downloads can be procured (for free!)


1. Fever Ray - 'Seven' (Martyn Remix) (Rabid)
2. Gucci Vump - 'Sha! Shtil!' (L-Vis 1990 Remix) (Institubes)
3. Roska - 'Tack Tiles' (Roska Kicks & Snares)
4. Warrior One - 'The Machine' (Promo)
Les Rhythmes Digitales - 'Disco 2 Disco' (Tease) (Wall of Sound)
5. Diplo & Laidback Luke - 'Hey!' (Southern Fried)
6. Trevor Loveys & Sinden - 'Organ Grinder' (GreenMoney Remix) (Cheap Thrills)
7. Malente & Dex - 'Lions' (feat New Kidz (Exploited)
8. The Big Pink - 'Dominos' (Switch Remix Instrumental) (Promo)
9. Fast Eddie - 'Yo Yo Get Funky' (Nick Thayer Remix) (Giant Pussy)
10. Zinc - '128 Trek' (Bingo)
Masters At Work - 'Work' (Acapella) (Tommy Boy)
11. N*E*R*D* - 'Everyone Nose' (Amen Crackhead Remix) (Unreleased)
12. Dead Prez - 'Hip Hop' (Flufftronix Remix) (Unreleased)
13, Bassnectar - 'Cozza Frenzy' (Z-Trip Hellarazor Remix)
14. Shorterz 99 - 'Enigma Groove' (Bigger Than Barry)
15. Starkey - 'Leak Riddim' (VIP Mix) (Slit Jockey)
16. Joy Orbison - 'Hyph Mngo' (Hot Flush)
17. The Heavy - 'How You Like Me Now' (Joker Remix) (Counter)
18. Rusko - 'Sound Guy Is My Target' (Sub Soldiers)
19. James Brown - 'It’s A Man’s World' (Regrooved By Parker) (Good Groove)
20. Fats Waller - 'I’m Saving My Love For You' (Mix n Blend’s Phats Wilder Bootleg) (Unreleased)

Glasgow's Slam don't just rinse Pressure every month; they also run Return to Mono at Sub Club, cornering themselves two of Glasgow's best clubs for their brand of house and techno. Digging through the archives I came across these gems - new and old podcasts from four RTM events, resplendent with the finest names in dance music. Perhaps I've saved the best 'til last here... drink in those playlists and decide!

Monopod Four - Download here


1. Pink Floyd - 'Speak To Me' - Columbia Records
2. Nathan Fake - 'Cohead' (Steve Barnes-Panorama Remix) - Traum
3. Shen - 'Forgotten Grove' (Original Mix) - Native State Records
4. King Tubby - 'King Tubby's Badness Dub' - Burning Sounds
5. Black Uhuru - 'Destination Unknown' - Island Records
6. Lofi Soundsystem - 'De Lion's Den' (Original Mix) - Echospace US
7. Intrusion - 'Tswana Dub' (Phase 90 Restructure (Edit)) - Echospace US
8. Neuroton - 'System 1' - Neuroton Music
9. Jim Rivers - 'By Any Means' (Paul Loraine Remix) - Four Twenty Recordings
10. Gorge & Andre Hommen - 'Hakunyo' (Original Mix) - Plastic City
11. Silicone Soul - 'Language Of The Soul' (Nivek Tsoy Remix) - Soma Records
12. Stefano Testa - 'Manettas Fine Food' (Brothers Vibe Remix) - Rebirth
13. The Mountain People - 'Mountain008.1' (Original Mix) - Mountain People
14. Gorge & Nick Curly - 'Hafenstrasse' (Original Mix) Systematic

Monopod Three - Download here


1. Andre Lodemann - 'Dark Edge' - Room With A View
2. Kane Roth - 'Yearning' - Serie Noire
3. Patrick Specke - 'Hoolas Dancin' - Desolat
4. Prompt - 'Crystalline' - 7 Noise
5. Kabale Und Liebe - 'Una Y Nada' - 100% Pure
6. Tapesh - 'Brighter Day' - Rebirth
7. Soul Minority - 'Retroplex' - Elevation Recordings
8. Castlebed ft. Durand Ross - 'Save the Last Dance' (Davidson Ospina Dub Mix) - Ospina Digital
9. ? - Cuba Quest - ?
10. Marc Miroir - 'T Bone' - Paso Music
11. Cesar Merveille - 'Tribute' - Cadenza
12. Lauhaus - 'Back to Ipanema' - Cocoon
13. Steve Lawler - 'Distrait' (Nick Curly & Gorge Remix) - Plastic City
14. Soul Minority - 'Ball of Confusion' - Kolour Recordings

Monopod Two - Download here


1. Intrusion - 'Under The Ocean' - Echospace
2. Deepchord - 'Grand Bend' (Echospace Dub) - Echospace
3. Neurotron - 'The Power To Be' - Neurotron Music
4. Neurotron - 'Up Mission' - Neurotron Music
5. Neurotron - 'Under The Surface' - 3rd Wav Music
6. Intrusion - 'Tswana Dub' (Phase90 Restructure) - Intrusion
7. System 1
8. Maurizio - 'M4' - Maurizio
9. Ekkohaus - 'The Healer' (feat Mensa) - Morris Audio
10. Sebo K - 'Moved' feat. Prosumer Efdemin (Remix 1) - Mobilee
11. Prompt - 'Elephant' - 7 Noise
12. System 2
13. Arnaud Le Texier, Emmanuel Ternois - 'Almoravids' (D'Julz Remix) - 2020Vision
14. Varoslav & Okain - 'Woawoa' - Tsuba
15. Las Vegas - 'Yama' (Original Mix 1) - Mupa/Net28
16. Thodoris Triantafillou - 'Suspicious Behaviour' (Nick Curly Remix) - Budenzauber Recordings 17. Peace Division - 'Eh Oh Um' (Christian Burkhardt Rmx) - Tsuba

Monopod One - Download here


1. Reggae - '1' - Unknown
2. Reggae - '2' - Unknown
3. Reggae - '3' - Unknown
4. Sequential Dub
5. Agnes - 'Que Pena' - Perspective
6. Keep Focused
7. Mountain People - '007.1' - Mountain People
8. Carlos Sanchez - 'Ethinas' - Superfancy
9. Okain - 'Blackrock' - Quartz
10. Jamie Jone - 'Summertime' - Crosstown
11. Varoslav + Okain - 'Woa Woa' - Tsuba
12. Hermanez - 'Goaldcoast' (Lauhaus Mix) - Miconn
13. Livo + Roby - 'Diverse' - Cecille Numbers
14. 20 20 Sound System - 'Sliding Away' (Johnny D Dub) - 20 20
15. Darius Syrossian - 'Nyra Nyra' - Viva
16. Catz And Dogz - 'Omanko' (Italoboyz Mix) - Mothership
17. Spencer Parker - 'Zanzibar' (Nick Curly Mix) - Saved
18. Jon Jon - 'Meanwhile' (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Mix) - Baalsaal

Monday, 7 December 2009

Exclusive mix download from Patrick Walker

Hot from the local techno scene, Patrick Walker (Forward Strategy Group / Isodyne) releases this exclusive free mix on Fairtilizer fresh from the Leith FM soundwaves last Friday.

New, unreleased Forward Strategy Group material (soon to be released on Perc Trax) nestles amongst Silent Servant, Steve Stoll, Regis and Function. With already 4 downloads in Kazakhstan (techno knows no boundaries), dash ahead of the Europe and US crowds with this direct download: Click here for goodness.

The mix is entitled 'Balancing adjustment imperatives' and full tracklisting is here for your geeky pleasure.

regis // solution
milton bradley // dystopian vision
damon wild // warchild
function // the balance of power substance
function // the balance of power regis mix
michaelangelo // andromeda 13
O / V // killing european sons b1
forward strategy group // combat code a1
dz zank // subvoice 21 b1
portion reform // condition
steve stoll // proper 30 b1
portion reform // shift worker
microwave prince // death counter
charlton ravenberg // backwards
orphx // cracktest edit
damon wild // catalyst
mike denhart // vorwaerts
beast tamer // b1
O / V // killing european sons a1
forward strategy group // combat code b1
smear // burunda // charlton remix
ch-signal laboratories // scale 1
beast tamer // a2
damon wild // bloodhound
deuce // guttering
surgeon // dry b2
silent servant // demonstration
silent servant // la noche
martyn // vancouver
t++ // audio 1995 8 2
henry and louis // rise up pinch remix
equalized // 001 a1
wax 20002 // a1
james juskin // solution
peter van hoesen // casual care // samuli kemppi mix
function // the balance of power

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Major Lazer and Eric Wareheim

Shouts to Graphite North for his 'major LOLZ' in the direction of Major Lazer video, which I'm currently still trying to kick into a category, but what can you expect when Diplo and Switch hook up. Not sure how I missed out on this when they first collaborated and released their debut album 'Guns don't kill people... lazers do' in June earlier this year, but as far as I can tell/make up it was a conspiracy to shush out the delightful bizarreness.

As you can see from the picture opposite, Major Lazer is more of an animated character - a one-armed Jamaican commando (limb lost in the great zombie war of '84) who spends his time slaying the cast of ghouls from Buffy aided by a rocket-powered hoverboard (very Back To The Future II).

The partnership also brings together Downtown Records and Diplo's Mad Decent, becoming their first joint release. Recorded in Jamaica, their debut included Nina Sky, Mr Vegas, Mr Lex, Santigold and more with ragga, reggae, dancehall, dub, electro, booty, techno, trip-hop... and I've no doubt they'll continue to suck in other genres along the way as they progress.

Part of the bizarre feel also comes from their work with Eric Wareheim to produce the two cartoonesque videos for 'Pon de Floor' feat Vybz Kartel (embedding disabled) and 'Keep it Going Louder' feat. Nina Sky and Ricky Blaze:

For some people, that's a line-up of exes. Music is just ever too God's Kitchen for me to not start haplessly laying into it, but let's enjoy it for how it works with the video and start thinking about who he should do a video for next... Mariah Carey, the Sugababes - I want to see more melted faces.

Now, while I can't show the better of the two songs, 'Pon de Floor', you'll hopefully have gone, checked it out and returned for more mind-crushing insights; altogether this isn't music to last the generations, but it is the kind of instant gratification, non self-obsessed, tongue in cheek tunes and visuals we can all do with at least 32 times a year. If you didn't discover it the first time, have a quick mind wank with it just now.