Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Vinyl and Digital reviews: Future Beat Alliance, Mr Sofalumpkins, Carl Taylor, Space DJz & Turov

It's been a while since I've posted reviews up - so here's a glut of backlog! The following reviews were originally produced for Clash magazine.

Future Beat Alliance - 'Mourning EP' (Tresor Records)
... not to be mourned over

This clearly says 'fuck minimal', slathering on layers of synths and keys like a flowing tide of tingling melodies. Blurring the lines of house, techno and electro, Moroder arpeggio influences keep the tones rich and induce a shoe-staring vibe - like Junior Boys and Jimmy Sommerville meets Tresor. Wrong.

Release date: 15 November 2010

Mr. Sofalumpkins - 'The Masquerade EP' (Geniuskills)
... genre sponge!

This genre sponge EP manages to make each track feel very different, and a departure from the straight-up dnb of Sofalumpkins. Starting so gently, dainty minor melodies hang before breakbeat crashes the party and compromises on ambient breaks; bass-heavy territory prevails throughout with flashes of dubstep and even a disco-funk-hip-hop homage.

Release date: November / December 2010

Carl Taylor - DS Warehouse Trax 2 (Dust Science)
... Dust Science cleaning up

There's a strong resurgence in good, solid British techno, and more often than not from the North. Carl Taylor is impressive just for the fact that all four tracks were produced live on hardware with no edits; an exceptional advertisement for the Akai MPC 2000XL drum machine and Waldorf Blofeld Synthesiser.

Release date: 8 November 2010

Space DJz - Wrong Side of the Trax EP (Detelefunk)
... slung low sweet Space DJz

Ben Long and Jamie Bissmire haul out the killer techno and low slung rumbles, keeping a percussive focus without treading the minimal boards. Find yourself following the hazy plume of melody as the drums crash around you and be prepared for the funk taking itself seriously.

Release date: 8 November 2010

Dave Turov - Poplock (CSM)
... summer techno hangover?

Perhaps best summarised as jazzy sax techno, 'Poplock' comes across as a distinctly non-winter sound. Mimicking the lockdown of beats insinuated by track titles, there is a feeling of restraint and focus that gets progressively deeper and dubbier (and more interesting) as Grindvik and Echologist step in on remix duty.

Release date: 22 October 2010

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