Monday, 29 November 2010

Part 1: The Niallist - He came, He played, He conquered

In the run-up to the release of his new 12” - ‘I Came’ - on Monday 29th November (today), Lo-Quality delved into the mind - past, present and future - of The Niallist, an Irish-born and Manchester-based electronic producer, remixer and vocalist. And Scottish label owner, club resident, and music writer!

Keen to keep numerous projects on the go, on top of his latest release, the electro-disco / house / techno / acid / quirky electronic producer has just finished a Metatron EP for Black Lantern Music, and contributed lead vocals to ‘Infinite Capacity (For Love)’, the debut single from Ben Butler & Mousepad on digital download from Loaf Recordings. In between his production work, he appears as resident for Glasgow’s Menergy club, which returns in February 2011 at the School of Art’s Vic Bar: he helpfully advises that you can always download guest mixes from the Menergy blog, such as the recently compiled Hi-NRG mix by Frenchbloke, of music he was hearing at Glasgow’s Bennets venue in 1985 and 1986.

To tie the many strands together, the Niallist has launched new blog NIALLISM, which now acts as a replacement for his Myspace, Muxtape, and Live Journal accounts, concentrating his music, event announcements and writings in one central space. One of his aliases is House Machine, and certainly the rate at which he likes to work suggests some sort of momentum apparatus at play. With that, we ask; who is the Niallist? Where does he come from, where is he going, and where does he buy his hats?

“The Niallist is me, and he is not me at the same time. I am from Ireland, but he is from outer space. In all honesty, I had been working on loads of different music projects and needed a good catch-all name for my stuff. I had been thinking of using that name, and when a friend brought it up in conversations independently, I decided to go with it. Over time it has developed and changed; right now it's going in an electro-disco direction. It's like a drag act I suppose really - the Niallist is an exaggeration of me and some of my traits. And if I told you where I get my hats I would have to kill you.”
"It's like a drag act I suppose really - the Niallist is an exaggeration of me and some of my traits."
When did you start DJing, and when did you start music production? What was the thing which made you say 'I want to do this'? Was there ever a moment when you thought, 'I can't do this'?

“Hah, every day I think "I can't do this"! Music is such a huge mountain to climb, and the peak is always out of reach. To overplay this metaphor, looking back can be really scary, but it's only then that you notice the milestones you have passed.

“I started DJing originally on my school's radio station back in the 90s when I was about 14 or 15. It only had a radius of about a mile or so, and the equipment wasn't great, but I would play alt rock and dance music of the day, and read out conspiracy theory material over the top. I still have the tapes somewhere. I'd always been obsessed with music, so I can't think of a particular time when I didn't want to make or be involved with it - I'd always been day dreaming about those things.

“I guess moving to Glasgow was a bit of a turning point, as I could now explore musical avenues that didn't exist in my home town, like deep house at the Sub Club. I remember finding a flyer for Subculture before I moved over, that featured both Basement Jaxx and Dimitri From Paris playing the club in the space of a fortnight. I knew I had to be there! Also, I bought a set of decks, like practically everyone else I knew, and I started hanging out with some burgeoning music producers. Then my mum won a small amount on the lottery, she gave me some money, and I decided to buy some music equipment with it. That was in 1999. When I first started it was a real bitch, because I was wanting to make these crazy epic disco productions with just an Akai S-20(!) an MC-303 and a four track. Thank God for Ableton, is all I can say now.”
"It's the main reason people go to clubs isn't it? To cop off. So I see my mission as being to help facilitate that."
Perhaps it's just my dirty mind, but there is sometimes a sexual undertone to your material, for example, your next release is entitled ‘I Came', but that could be a reference to Caeser - are you out to conquer or seduce the dancefloor?

“It's all in your head dear - now go and give yourself 50 lashes under a cold, cold shower! No, of course, there is a huge sexual element to my music. It's the main reason people go to clubs isn't it? To cop off. So I see my mission as being to help facilitate that. You don't get slow dances anymore in night clubs so there needs to be a moment where you can connect with someone on a dancefloor, and the music takes the place of words. And no matter what euphemisms those words are couched in, they generally express sexual attraction.

“There came a point about ten years ago when I was listening to ‘Parade’ by Prince, and I realised that ALL his songs are about sex, in one way or another. Even ‘When Doves Cry’. It suddenly validated sex as a topic in music for me, and also gave me something to sing about as I was really not wanting to do your standard romantic clichéd bullshit like you get in pop, or the whiny, moany ‘issues’ crap you get in rock. It chimed more with the kind of outré hip-hop I was listening to. Also, sexual desire is a universal thing - we may not all want the same kind of person, but we all want. And through certain universal feelings like that I can then explore other issues, either in or related to the field of sex. So think of me as like a cross between Prince and Dr. Ruth. Or more likely Dr Phil.”

The track itself is a crazy mix of beats with a few unexpected turns - juddery yet syncopated, with swaggering vocals; what kind of mood were you in when you made it?

“Well, the track itself is directly inspired by Rio favela funk, which is quite obvious from the stabby horn riff and the 808 beats. I was given a compilation CD of that stuff by Craig from Mungo's Hi Fi and it blew me away, especially as it was something I could quite easily make myself with my set-up. It helps that I couldn't understand what they were rapping about, as it seems pretty base. To add to that I thought "what would Timbaland do?" - well he'd put a sultry, sexy female vocal over the top to appeal to his R&B/pop market. Then he would lay down some ad libs and grunts in the background through a headphone.

“For the vocal I already had the melody, and I remember it clearly - our studio in the Chateau, on one of the rare occasions I was tidying up, and the phrase just popped into my head. Initially I was nervous of using it because of the double entendre, but at the same time it was just too strong to ignore. And also with the double entendre, it is very easy to deny the second meaning. That was the clincher, as it's only a rude phrase if you read that into it - there's no cursing in there, it could be taken completely at face value, so technically there is no reason not to play it on the radio. But it had to have a woman singing it to soften that blow, that is why I got Ms Mac D involved. She brings a restrained, classy vibe to the whole thing too. In a nutshell; I guess I was feeling cheeky and ambitious!”

How did you hook up with Miss Mac D, and is that a collaboration you would like to do again?

“Ms Mac D is an old friend of mine - I've known her since I started going to Glasgow Uni, and we bonded quickly over a love of disco and R&B / soul. Everyone has always known she has a great voice, it really seems to touch people, and even though she has sung in bands over the years singing is not her main focus. I knew she would be good choice to sing ‘I Came’ and even though we had like two hours in a studio to get it done, working with her was easy and straight forward. And yes, I would absolutely love to work with her again - ‘I Came’ was a bit of a challenge for her as it is not in her natural range, but some of the newer material I have been writing is, so I would love to hear her take a crack at that.”

You've done remixes with DFRNT and Brassica for the release - are there any plans to join them in a live context in the future?

“There's not really been any plans in that direction - to be honest my live show is on the back burner at the moment anyway, as I have moved city and am concentrating more on writing and recording rather than playing live. Having said that, I did perform ‘Infinite Capacity (For Love)’ live with Ben Butler & Mousepad a couple of months ago and that was great! That's just come out as a single, and he's up for doing more live spots with me involved, it's just a matter of when and where.”

It's all very well to talk influences, but rather than reeling off a list, what is the music which has touched your heart; the kind that has stayed with you for years? The kind which still sends a spine tingle no matter how naffly it is regarded!

“Well, again back when I was in school in the mid-90s I watched Saturday Night Fever and it had a huge impact on me. I loved it and the music straight away, even though it was seen as the height of naffness. Since then I have been obsessed with disco; it's my primary musical love affair, and I have seen the genre be rehabilitated from complete cheese to the height of cool. Also, the definition of disco has expanded too. That's something we aimed to do when we started the Discopia website, to explore the bits of dance music which are heavily influenced by disco but are not it, such as post-punk, electro, house, boogie and hip-hop.

"Disco is my primary musical love affair, and I have seen the genre be rehabilitated from complete cheese to the height of cool."
“At some point around the year 2001 I went back to my mate Dave's flat after a party and he put on a CD set of old school Chicago house classics. It blew me away - especially because I remembered owning some of the tracks on cassette when I was about 8 or 9. I had asked my family for some ‘house music’ for Christmas one year and my brother and sister got me a 2 tape collection called ‘Hitmasters of House’ or something. There were tracks like ‘House Nation’ by the House Master Boys and ‘Six Gun’ by Decadent Dub Team on there. Looking back now that's some pretty heavy shit to be laying on a child! But it's ok guys, I turned out just fine.

“Also, the Pet Shop Boys were a huge band for me as a kid - I remember two girls in my primary school class setting up a fan club for them, and I joined, being rewarded handsomely with home made PSB posters and badges. My mum even joined it!”

Tell us about your involvement with Little Rock Records and how you met the crew?

“Well, folk would come round to our studio in the Chateau (art and music space) to jam or to just hang out, so it progressed from there really. Also some folks were working at The Skinny at the time, so that's got a bit to do with it. It has been quite an organic process really, there's not been any kind of strict masterplan behind it. I started the label out of necessity, to get my music out there as quickly, directly and cheaply as possible. Originally it was going to be a physical label, but all that changed when I discovered Since then loads of independent net labels have sprung up, forming their own net-labels network, and this is a good thing.”

What have been your proudest achievements with the label?

“Well, I can't speak for the other guys, but I'd say our greatest achievement has been the NORAVE and FUCKNO compilation albums, which have given exposure to some pretty awesome Scottish leftfield acts, like Tayside Mental Health, Fox Gut Daata & Gatr.”

Until you get your hands on the official 'I Came' release, you can check out a special mixtape featuring guest MCs Shunda K, Cindy Wonderful and Rel$ for that favela funk fix. Check back on Lo-Quality for the second parter in this feature, published this week.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

November (Week 4) Clubbing Listings: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Dundee

Featured Club of the Week: Pressure
Venue: The Arches
Date: Friday 26th November

It’s Pressure’s 12th birthday, and to prove the techno never stops, they’ve booked Paco Osuna, Mathew Jonson, Ivan Smagghe, Heidi, Jackmaster, and Sunday Circus to jam-pack the Arches with quality house, electro and techno beats. If you somehow develop the ability to be on two dancefloors at once, tell me how all their sets went, because you pretty much don’t want to miss one! Slam play a special set to mark the date in history by taking the crowd on a 12 year journey of music.

Sounds like:

11pm–3am, £15


Club: Controlled Demolition

Venue: The Banshee Labyrinth
Date: Friday 26th November

A new one for you here - Controlled Demolition describe themselves as a ‘shameless celebration of weirdo music from loops, samples’ and heavy electronic music such as techno, industrial and Italo. And all in the reputedly most haunted pub in Edinburgh. Mebbes take it easy on the acid, eh?

11pm-3am, free

Club: Departure Lounge
Venue: The Caves
Date: Friday 26th November

DL host a Tropical Soundclash special (I MUST get round to writing that tropical genre deconstruction) as the sounds of several continents merge: Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean islands meet in one cold city, further confirming the idea that Departure Lounge truly is the place where a portal to world music opens. Tonight’s gig features Miles Cleret (Soundway Records), Asazi Space Funk Explosion (live) and hosts Astroboy, Jiminez and Mr Zimbabwe.

Sounds like:

10.30pm-3am, £9 / £7

Club: Jackhammer
Venue: Wee Red Bar
Date: Friday 26th November

Jackhammer has picked out a handful of Edinburgh techno DJs for an intimate showcase of stalwarts such as Brainstorm (Pure), Stephen Brown with a special live set and Wolfjazz to tie things together nicely.

Sounds like:

10.30pm-3am, £5 / £4 students

Club: Playdate
Venue: Sneaky Pete’s
Date: Saturday 27th November

Residents Steven and Stewart welcome one half of Skull Juice, Alex Egan, disco, house and techno purveyor of Brighton for their Playdate. Skull Juice play it mad-cap crazy so expect a few musical curveballs from Egan.

11pm-3am, £4 / Free to members or with Sneaky Fest tickets


Club: Banjax

Venue: La Cheetah
Date: Friday 26th November

Another new club! 2010 has been quite a fruitful year for Scotland in terms of club additions. A new bi-monthly night brought to you by Dave Shades (Mount Heart Attack), Tommy & McGarvatron (Bass Invaders) and Data Rape aka Full Phat (Obese, Concept Theory). For the last weekend of November they welcome DMX Krew for acidic electro, techno and plenty bass, and fervent electro from Fancy & Spook.

Sounds like:

11pm-3am, £10

Club: How's Your Party?
Venue: The Sub Club
Date: Friday 26th November

Two clubs join forces for this event, when HYP? collaborates with Chew the Fat to bring you Foamo, Hostage and Warrior One to feel the bass, make it funky, and dub it to hell.

Sounds like:

11pm–3am, £10

Club: Noise Pollution
Venue: Glasgow Art School
Date: Friday 26th November

Move D (Warp / Modern Love) - 90s minimal techno legend - joins 7th Sign’s Solab (playing live) for futuristic house and techno to create Noise Pollution of the great ind. Resident and promoter Sean Matthews supports.

Sounds like:

11pm-3am, £10

Club: R-P-Z Cosmic Voyage
Venue: Stereo
Date: Friday 26th November

For this specially-themed R-P-Z, Den Haan (Dissident) drives the crowd through a cosmic disco, embracing ‘space-concept rock and galactic boogie’ - it sounds like the perfect time to try out those tinfoil trousers! Extra helpings of electro, punk, and italo will be spun in support by Hushpuppy and Bonjour Boi.

Sounds like:

11pm-3am, £8 / £6


Club: Let it Bleed

Venue: The Forum
Date: Saturday 27th November

Carte Blanche return to Scotland for another winter fling, this time funkin’ up the electro needs of Aberdeen’s Let it Bleed.

Sounds like:

10pm-3am, £12 


Club: Plastic Soul
Venue: The Reading Rooms
Date: Friday 26th November

Plastic Soul's are also celebrating their birthday, after reaching five years of afrobeat, funk, and hip-hop events. Resident Desperado Dan fifth birthday is celebrated with Latin, hip hop, afrobeat, reggae, broken beats, and funk from resident Desperado Dan and special guests.

10.30pm-2.30am, tbc

Club: Autodisco
Venue: The Reading Rooms
Date: Saturday 27th November

The electro-funk and disco duuuude, Greg Wilson, returns to Autodisco and delivers wisdom behind the decks.

Sounds like:

10.30pm-2.30am, £tbc

Monday, 22 November 2010

Aquasky Mix Tape November 2010

Aquasky and the Ragga Twins
Taking a break from their time in the studio writing new material for their label, Passenger Records, Aquasky have mixed you something for November to bring heat to the freezing winter. Journeying through breaks, dnb, dubstep, it features exclusive tracks from Aquasky and Black Noise.

Grab your free Aquasky mixtape from SoundCloud - or download from here!

Aquasky November 2010 MixTape

1. ‘Living Legends’ - Aquasky & Ragga Twins (Passenger Records)
2. ‘White Off’ - 601 (Ape Music)
3. ‘Boomer’ (Punk Rolla remix) - Plum DJs
3.1. (? Daddy Freddy accapella )
4. ‘Territory’ (club mix) - Rack N Ruin ft Navigator & Slarta John
5. ‘Bounce’ (Fuck This Mix) - Zap! Pow! Die!
6. ‘Raggatron’ - Aquasky & Ragga Twins (Passenger Records)
7. TBC
7.1. (‘Freaky Girl’ accapella - Wizard Sleeve)
8. ‘Stripper’ (dub mix) - Stuka ft Sir Real
8.1. (‘Get Down Tonight’ accapella – Wizard Sleeve)
9. ‘To Kill A Man’ - Last Japan
10. ‘Congorock’ - Babylon ft. Mr Lexx
11. TBC
11.1. (‘Computer Age’ accapella – Wizard Sleeve & Black Noise)
12. ‘Cracks’ (Ctrl Z remix) - Freestylers ft Belle Humble
13. ‘Jungle Iz Em’ (Take Me Away VIP mix) - Black Noise [DOWNLOAD]
13.1. (‘Dem No No We’ accapella – Ragga Twins & Aquasky vs Master Blaster)
14.‘Electron’ - Nero (MTA)
15. ‘I Need Air’ (Digital Soundboy remix) - Magnetic Man
15.1. (‘Looking Fly’ accapella – Murs & Black Noise)
16. ‘Player Haters Ball’ - Silver
17. ‘Raggatron’ (DJ Sly & Pacso remix) - Aquasky & Ragga Twins (Passenger Records)
18. ‘Barbra Streisand’ (Sigma remix) - Duck Sauce
18.1. (? accapella)
19. ‘Let Me Go’ - Cutline (Not Safe For Work)
19.1. ‘Minimalistix’ - Skream
20. ‘Typhoon’ - Foreign Beggars & Chasing Shadows
21. ‘Reploid’ - Excision & Downlink
21.1. (‘Outlaw’ accapella - Sporty-O)
22. ‘Heavy Artillery’ - Excision & Downlink ft Messinian
23. ‘Take It No More’ - Original Sin
24. ‘Be Alright’ - Sekklow
24.1. (? accapella)


New releases

‘Living Legends’ / ‘Raggatron’ by Aquasky & Ragga Twins is out through Passenger records on Beatport and major outlets out this Friday, 26th November 2010. As well as featuring remixes from DJ Sly & Pacso and breaks Godfather Rennie Pilgrim, the release features bouncin’ breakbeat and ragga to spice things up.

Here are some recent DJ videos featuring new Aquasky / Black Noise material: 

Aquasky @ Bang! club,Wroclaw Poland 5th November 2010

Aquasky @ Innovation party in Lodz, Poland 30-10-10 with 'Living Legends' by Aquasky ft Ragga Twins

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Remix your way onto Plastikman's Arkives

Competition alert!

In association with Burn Studios, Resident Advisor are offering a burgeoning DJ the chance to remix Plastikman and appear on a compilation in 2011. Open to all RA members over 16 years until 12am, Friday 31st December 2010, the competition celebrates the release of Plastikman’s (Richie Hawtin) Arkives box set which spans the length of his career in beats. Arkives will also be released in digital format and include a remix of ‘Ask Yourself’ by the competition winner, who will also win a 2500 euro voucher for and a pro SoundCloud account to host their own productions. Five runners-up will also a copy of M-Audio's Tork MixLab, a copy of M-Audio's Avid Recording Studio and a SoundCloud lite account.

How to enter...

1. Download the remix parts from this link.

2. Read the terms and conditions (By uploading a track, you agree to these.)

3. Ensure you are in one of the eligible countries of residence by reading the terms and conditions. You will need to include your legal country of residence in your track description when you upload it.

4. Make sure your track title is formatted like this (fill in the blank with your name):
PLASTIKMAN - Ask Yourself (___________ Remix)

5. Upload your track using the below DropBox before December 31st at 11:59:59 am, GMT. (Please be sure to state your legal country of residence in your track description.)

Thursday, 18 November 2010

November (Week 3) Clubbing Listings: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Dundee

Radioactive Man
 Featured Club of the Week: Inner City Acid
Venue: La Cheetah
Date: Friday 19th November

Shed a little tear - Inner City Acid have returned, but for one bitter-sweet final party (sincerely hope not though!) with ‘Acid Warriors’ Radioactive Man (Keith Tenniswood playing live) and the Dexorcist (Si Brown). Keith will showcase his new EP The Radioacid Box, as well as beats from his new LP, due to drop next year. Residents The Wasp and Scott Theory support.

11pm-3am, £10

Sounds like:


Club: Compakt
Venue: Cabaret Voltaire
Date: Friday 19th November

I’m loving RA’s description of Compakt guest Dustin Zahn; quickly summarised as ‘Minneapolis-based love machine’, he’ll be spreading moody techno rather than hippy love beats for the Edinburgh crew.

11pm-3am, £7 / £5 before midnight

Sounds like:

Club: Glitch Biscuit
Venue: The Lane
Date: Friday 19th November

Electro-techno guest Calverton joins Glitch Biscuit in the basement for their bucket load of wobble, minimal and house.

10pm-3am, £6

Sounds like:

Club: StepBack
Venue: Wee Red Bar
Date: Friday 19th November

StepBack emerges at their new home in ECA’s Wee Red Bar with special guest Doc Daneeka - no, not the Catch 22 character, but the funky basement house DJ with a whole lotta kick-drums. WolfJazz and Eclair Fi Fi bring the extra bass at this special edition.

10.30pm-3am, £4 / £2

Sounds like:

Club: Fuse
Venue: Liquid Room
Date: Saturday 20th November

Securing an appearance from Zombie Nation almost a month before Glasgow and Aberdeen do (at Death Disco and Everything Else Sucks), Fuse relocate to the Liquid Room for one night only to blast out the buzzin’ techno and electro. Lions?Lions!, Blackwax, Lee Mutch and Slikk Mick support with dubstep and house beats.

10.30pm-3am, £8

Sounds like:

Club: Wasabi Disco
Venue: Sneaky Pete’s
Date: Saturday 20th November

Disco served extra spicy! For their special second birthday party, this barrage of new wave, NY grooves and disco welcome a guest set from Nick Yuill of the Heavy Gossip club.

11pm-3am, £3 / £0


Club: Colours
Venue: The Arches
Date: Friday 19th November

Dutch house producer Laidback Luke strolls into town to serenade Colours with tasty electro and house dancefloor killers.

11pm-4am, £15

Sounds like:

Club: Scientist Launches Dubstep Into Outerspace
Venue: Glasgow School of Art
Date: Sunday 21st November

Ok, so it’s the name of a new Tectonic compilation, but it would be great if it was the name of a permanent club. The high-profile guests include Scientist Vs The Upsetters, Pinch, Sgt Pokes, Loefah and supported by local heroes Electric Eliminators. It’s more dubstep than you can handle! (Well, I bet you sit down once ;) )

9pm-3am, £tbc

Sounds like:

Club: Be Deep
Venue: The Admiral
Date: Friday 19th November

As you can tell from the name, they like it deep, so embrace the house of Berlinner Andre Lodemann, founder of Best Works and former guest at clubs like Watergate, Panorama Bar, and Tape when he appears with residents Russell Ventilla and Andy Barton.

11pm-3am, £10 / £8 before midnight

Sounds like:

Club: Naive
Venue: Glasgow School of Art
Date: Friday 19th November

Interestingly, the new clubs just keep on coming - next up is Naive, promising “a blend of cultured, cosmopolitan French Touch and Gallic electro”, so basically musique à la française. Expect Daft Punk and Hacker homages I suspect. For their November show they welcome DJ Feadz, Mr Flash, (yeh, of course they’re both French!),and residents Shaun Fae Solar and Sam Vitamins.

11pm-3am, £5

Sounds like:

Club: Sensu
Venue: Sub Club
Date: Friday 19th November

Spoke too soon about the French! Another Gallic producer hits Glasgow the same night, when Shonky of Freak n’Chic for the last Sensu of 2010. The emphasis is strongly on the house, electro and techno elements rather than nationality!

11pm-3am, £10 / £free before midnight

Sounds like:

Club: Death Disco
Venue: The Arches
Date: Saturday 20th November

Eight years already? Indeed! DD celebrate the double 4’s with special guests The Count & Sinden, Brodinski, and his ABRACADA labelmates Mikix The Cat, The Aikiu, Mustang and Dansette. Even more house, disco, electro and dance of the hottest variety come from residents Hush Puppy, Josh Jones and Wave Graves.

11pm-3am, £14 / £7 with online mailing list voucher

Sounds like:

Club: Mungo's Hi Fi
Venue: Glasgow School of Art
Date: Saturday 20th November

Independent UK dub and roots label Conscious Sounds (Dougie Wardrop) and reggae artist King General warm the Mungo’s crowds with their beats and lyrics at the second last event at the Art School. Dancehall, grime, ragga, dubstep and more will feel its way through the soundsystem and straight to your brain!

11pm-3am, £8 / £5 advance

Sounds like:


Club: Mixtape and Let it Bleed
Venue: Snafu
Date: Friday 19th November

Once again joining forces, Mixtape and Let it Bleed welcome heavy weight house guests Brodinski and Mash to stir up the electro, techno and minimal beats.

11pm-3am, £10 / £8 members

Sounds like:


Club: Devil Disco Club
Venue: The Reading Rooms
Date: Saturday 20th November


Live action for DDC this month, when Digital Jones take to the stage for funky soul and electro, while the Devil residents play disco of the vintage variety, proto house and acid.

10.30pm-2.30am, £7 / £5 before midnight

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Free tunes: Noiseporn Records - Social Suicide Vol 1 & Vol 2

Press Release from Noiseporn Records:

Noiseporn Records has been on a tear releasing new talent to the masses. With the release of Social Suicide Volumes 1 and 2, we have enlisted Tampa, Florida based producers Viro & Rob Analyze featuring Lot 49 artist Odissi to work an original Indie Dance track that is already featured as one of the Top 10 Tracks You Must Hear on Beatport (Week 44). In addition, Black Noise (also producing under the name of Aquasky) are the featured act remixing the original. These guys don’t need much introduction but for those that may be unsure, they have remixed Diplo, Laidback Luke, Crookers, Will Bailey, Tommie Sunshine, Nick Thayer and have exciting projects upcoming on Arman Van Helden’s Southern Fried Records. With this Volume 1, you are able to purchase the original, dub mix, and Black Noise Remix. This seems to begin an upward trend for Viro & Rob Analyze who are slated to have one of their next releases “WannuB” remixed by the Plump DJs! To celebrate the release of Volumes 1 and 2, they provide free tracks, mixes, and video!

In addition to Volume 1, Noiseporn Records has also released Social Suicide Volume 2! This release contains the Remix Contest entries from the wildly popular Social Suicide Remix contest! Everything from Progressive House, Indie Dance, Breaks, and Electro House is found in this just plain heart stopping release! New faces have emerged onto the scene and joined forces with Noiseporn Records to remix the Viro & Rob Analyze featuring Odissi original track! Artists such as Benny Sands, 303Rokk, E.R.G., StereoThieves and the rest of the winners of the Noiseporn Remix contest are found on the release along with fellow Noiseporn artists Mat Trouble and Feedback!

Original Mix (SoundCloud): Track Of The Week - 11.4.2010 - Viro & Rob Analyze feat Odissi-Social Suicide by Symphonic Distribution

Black Noise SoundCloud: Viro & Rob Data ft. Odissi 'Social Suicide (Black Noise Mix)' by BlackNoise

Free DJ Mix & Tracklisting

Social Suicide Promotional Mix
Mixed By: Viro & Rob Analyze

Download To Your Hard Drive – Click here

1.Deadmau5-A City In Florida
2.Wolfgang Gartner-Illmerica
3.Swedish House Mafia-Miami 2 Ibiza
4.Viro & Rob Analyze feat. Odissi-Social Suicide (Benny Sands Remix)
5.Tiesto-Louder Than Boom (Bart B More Remix)
6.Sgt Slick & Chardy Back-On Black (Angger Dimas Remix)
7.Religion-Blade Runner (HEDS & Elmo Remix)
8.Mustard Pimp feat. Kali-Cherry (Blatta & Inesha Remix)
9.Astair Electro-New Born Giraffe (Viro & Rob Analyze Remix)
10.Kaskade feat. Martina of Dragonette-Fire In Your New Shoes (Angger Dimas Remix)

Extra Free Tracks!

Drake feat. Lil Wayne & Santogold - Unstoppable (Viro & Rob Analyze Remix)   Drake feat. Lil Wayne & Santogold-Unstoppable (Viro & Rob Analyze Remix) by Viro & Rob Analyze

Viro & Rob Analyze - Sid & Nancy    Viro & Rob Analyze-Sid And Nancy by Viro & Rob Analyze 

Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work (Viro & Rob Analyze Remix)
  Two Door Cinema Club-Something Good Can Work (Viro & Rob Analyze Remix) by Viro & Rob Analyze 

Scott Harris - What The (Viro & Rob Analyze Remix)
  Scott Harris - What The (Viro & Rob Analyze Remix) by Viro & Rob Analyze

Viro & Rob Analyze - Oh My 
  Viro & Rob Analyze-Oh My by Viro & Rob Analyze

Yello - Oh Yeah (Viro & Rob Analyze Remix)
  Yello-Oh Yeah (Viro & Rob Analyze Remix) by Viro & Rob Analyze

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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Genre deconstruction: Witch House Pt 2

In our last deconstruction we looked at the origins of witch house, and now look further into the artists behind the sound and how they interpret it.

Houston hip-hop drowsy beats provide an underlay to the sound, but the additions are down to the individual artists and include goth, electro, dub, ambient, house, chill-out, synth-pop, psychedelia, 80s, indie and more. Vocals can be present but are used as ethereal side-notes or ghostly voices and the occult themes linger throughout. There’s also a visual trend amongst the artist names also, and commentators have been quicker to pick up on the deliberate use of symbols as band naming conventions - think Prince () then times it by ten, and you can get the unsearchable Google nightmare known as witch house acts.

Journalist Tom Ewing commented that “artificial scarcity is one way of restoring context to music - releasing it on non-digital formats, or never recording certain tracks. In the case of witch house, the scene’s penchant for non-Googleable names (oOoOO or Gr†ll Gr†ll) may be an attempt to create scarcity.” Scarcity has been a known technique used in the techno community to create limited exclusiveness (and handily raise releases to collector item status) and witch house employs it to carve out an underground tunnel with limited entrances. Like something out of a fantasy film, you find yourself trying to identify the passages with geometric shapes, symbols, punctuation; there is a distinct lack of actual words. It's an enforced restriction; perhaps to keep out naysayers, perhaps to keep in exclusivity.

If you want to find witch house artists online you’ll find them, but it’s not a 3 second job - the subtle message is ‘we are not easy access’. And this is also reflected in the actual music - the hooks aren’t instant and the style doesn’t fit in with our natural urge for catchy beats.

The Labels:

Houston’s Disaro and Tri Angle are two of the main ‘witch house’ stables, but the latter is less easy with the ‘drag’ term and more readily embraces the listenable styles of witch house - less distortion and more melodic catch (Balam Acab, oOoOO). Disaro, situated in the middle of purple drank heritage country has reached out to the chopped and ‘screwed’ sounds of witch house / drag artists (Salem, White Ring, Mater Suspiria Vision, Fostercare, //TENSE//, Modern Witch, Gr†ll Gr†ll, /// ▲▲▲ \\\, †‡†).

Some of the Artists and their Sounds:

oOoOO - more commonly known as Christopher Dexter Greenspan, a self-confessed Burial follower. Ethereal, dubstep, mainstream rap / hip-hop, drag.

MP3s for download: NoSummr4u / Seaww


Balam Acab - Alec Koone, got his break over Myspace after being picked up by Tri Angle Records. Dubstep, found samples, drone, low-end.

MP3s for download: See Birds / Heavy Living Things

Creep - Lauren Dillard and Lauren Flax also signed to Tri Angle; Flax is already known on the house circuit, and as Fischerspooner’s tour DJ. Influences come from the likes of Hyperdub, house, UK bass, ethereal dub, pop.

White Ring - Bryan Kurkimilis and Kendra Malia are signed to Disaro, situated in the middle of Houston’s drag scene. Hip-hop and gangster rap are strong influences, but the dark synth pop, horror sounds and weirded-out vocals provide a fuller embrace to the witch house thematics.

MP3 for download: icx999

Salem - John Holland, Heather Marlatt and Jack Donoghue have just released their debut LP on IAMSOUND, composed of sluggish hip-hop, nails down a chalk board samples, fuzzy percussion, and some serious dubstep lifting. A bit like dubstep washed up on the beach as a corroded, raggy corpse.

Mater Suspiria Vision - drones aplenty, reverbed to fuck and incessant knockings of beats. Reminds me of a restrained Atari Teenage Riot without the shouty screaming.

ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ - a member of Mater Suspiria Vision, her remix of Lady Gaga reconfirms for me that witch house may be more effective as a remix tool. A corrosion of the present rather than creating from destruction. In regards to the name - I give up, I think pronounciation may involve tongue removal.

LADY GAGA - Alejandro (ℑ⊇≥◊≤⊆ℜ of Mater Suspiria Vision ZOMBIE RAVE REMIX) from Mater Suspiria Vision on Vimeo.

Gr†ll Gr†ll - Atmospheric, similar to choral drones, distinct lack of beats on occasion.

Modern Witch - Bit of creepy electro, playing with softer noises to create psychedelia, beaten on by off-kilter percussion.

Pwin ▲▲Teaks - More like drowning in a sea of distortion, hearing sounds filtered through salt water and very little rhythm.

Tearist - Darker electro pop, there are discernible hooks to grasp onto.

Fostercare - An obvious disciple of Burial taking the name from a Burial track. Clearer vocals, a faster beat, kind of like dubstep turning into spoken-word electro.

MP3 for download: Heat High.

Silent Diane - A male and female duo playing syrupy codeine electronica!

MP3s for download: Harmonikai

twYIYZoNe - more drones, echoes; like trying to remember half-speed dubstep in a dream.

†‡† - I believe this is pronounced ritualz, but then again I may not have decoded right. At this point in the article I've seen enough freaky films to be confused over whether I am actually in an Italian art-house death dirge. Dirge is also a fitting word for their music, appended to purple drank electro-hop (see I'm just making my own genres up here now).


And here's some more artists for you to peruse, with free downloads! 

xix - MP3 for download: Deep Void

///▲▲▲\\\ - MP3 for download: Spit Shine

After all that deconstruction it’s still difficult to summarise in one sentence, but I’ll do my best: building on a ‘screwed’ hip-hop style popularised by Houston rappers in the 90s, witch house is almost completely unrelated to house music and cosier with occult or goth-themed, lo-fi, distorted bass-heavy rhythms with synth pop slathers.

I am genre-spent.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

November (Week 2) Clubbing Listings: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Dundee

Featured Club of the Week: I really can't decide this week - Maetrik, Rune Lindbaek, Green Velvet, Black Sun Empire... check out the youtube links for a taster menu!


Club: Elementary
Venue: Cabaret Voltaire
Date: Friday 12th November

Brand new house, techno and electro night for Edinburgh, and their launch event will feature a headline breaks set from Toolroom Records’ Toni Jarvis (who is so in demand that she appears again at the same venue for Sugarbeat later this month and in December!). Residents Bruno FK and Prof support and celebrate their new venture with Picassio holding down the back room. Apparently there is free Vitamin Water as well? Bringing the elemental to Elementary.

Sounds like:

11pm-3am, £5 / £3 before 12am

Club: Izu
Venue: The GRV
Date: Friday 12th November

Touting itself as an unpredictable night, perhaps I shouldn’t mention the styles they’ll be playing to keep the surprise. Ah well, it’s techno, electro and funky soul to tie it altogether across laptops, decks and fx.

11pm-3am, £5

Club: Souloco
Venue: Cabaret Voltaire
Date: Friday 12th November

A club already situated in a chill-out zone, the Speakeasy is an ideal location for the deep tech-house of Souloco.

11pm-3am, £4 / £2 / £0 before 12am

Club: Xplicit
Venue: Bongo Club
Date: Friday 12th November

Album tour ahoy! Xplicit are always keen to get the next great artist on their roster and bring new releases to Edinburgh - this time it’s Dutch trio Black Sun Empire who are in town with their fourth album Lights and Wires. Buckle your belts tightly for a hard lesson in dnb and how to enjoy the dark beats in your life. Teebee (Subtitles) supports with an expert DJ set, and ENO and The General conclude the main room line-up. Upstairs is a reggae and dub exploration hosted by Jungledub with Tekkerz and Tamobanter.

Sounds like:

11pm-3am, £8 advance

Club: Musika
Venue: Liquid Room
Date: Saturday 13th November

Musika racks up a double-bill of tech-house and electro from Radio Slave and Heidi (Radio 1 / Get Physical) for a sure-fire tune selection. Kirk Douglas and Derek Martin support.

Sounds like:

10.30pm-3am, £15 / £12 advance

Club: Mixed Bizness
Venue: Glasgow School of Art
Date: Friday 12th November

Boom Monk Ben just seems to pull in the dubstep stars at the drop of a hat and this November will be no exception, with Caspa and Emalkay (on his Glasgow debut) sounding out the Dub Police. Profisee of Cloak x Dagger hosts the evening and as always Ben on tune warm-up.

Sounds like:

11pm-3am, £12

Club: Return to Mono
Venue: Sub Club
Date: Friday 12th November

Residents Slam welcome Maetrik, signed to Claude Von Stroke’s Mothership label for low-slung house and techno grooves.

Sounds like:

11pm-3am, £10 / £8 students

Club: Wrong Island: The Wrong Weekender
Venue: The Admiral and Nice ‘n’ Sleazy’s
Date: Friday 12th and Saturday 13th November

Wrong Island stage a full weekend of beats for one month only, bringing their electro and techno mash-up to The Admiral and then Sleazy’s for a Dirty Larry and Teamy double-bill. Can you have too much of a good thing?

Sounds like: Ok, this isn’t from Wrong Island, but what better way to sum up a wrong weekend?

11pm-3am, £tbc

Club: Jilted
Venue: Soundhaus
Date: Saturday 13th November

New night (ish)! Tech-house and electro courtesy of new club Jilted (last appeared on a one-time basis in September) brings local DJs Frostfire, Captiv8, Malcolm Bennet and special guest Dave Brown to keen new ears.

10pm-3am, £5

More info: In the next room of the same evening, Froot/Booty Shake Specialitee present Disuko, a house and techno showcase for Fife’s Froot and Booty Shake labels. Jo D’arc, Jnr Lazarou, Ziggy, Keykutz and Kid Robotik show what they got. 10pm-3am, £7 / £5

Club: Mount Heart Attack
Venue: La Cheetah
Date: Saturday 13th November

Hailing from Oslo’s fantastically named Club Kebab, Rune Lindbaek delivers his Scandinavian psychedelic dub-disco for the returning Heart Attack crowds at this special relaunch event. Jonathan Hunter from Slabs of the Tabernacle steals a guest spot and residents Lono, Cutter’s Choice and Lebowski are on support.

Sounds like:

11pm-3am, £8 / £5 students

Club: Shakedown
Venue: The Universal
Date: Saturday 13th November

Another new night to keep you going through the recession - this time it’s Shakedown - a popular activity of coppers and now name of the underground house night hitting The Universal. Residents Ciar McKinley, Darrin Henderson, John Higgins and Ryan Smith launch the show.

11pm-3am, £5

Club: Tictactoe
Venue: The Arches
Date: Saturday 13th November

Sunday Circus’ Affi Koman stars at Tictactoe’s ‘budget’ Arches show for minimal house and techno at a mere £5. Residents Andrew and Steve Doran are on support.

Sounds like:

11pm-3am, £5


Club: Mixtape
Venue: Snafu
Date: Friday 12th November

Green Velvet makes an auspicious return to Aberdeen to spin tunes that require little introduction - they’ll probably all be great and just the techno, house and electro you’ve been looking for! Aw yeah, and he’s got some of the best behind the decks moves!

Sounds like:

11pm-3am, £18 / £15