Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Vinyl and digital reviews: Distance & Hard Ton

Title: Menace
Artist: Distance
Label: Chestplate
Release date: 1 March 2010

Sounds like: Heavy metal meets grimy dubstep

High notes: 'Menace' takes a cue from the rumbling bass and guitar of heavy metal and hesitant dubstep beats for a crossover between the brutishness of metal and half steps of dub. Slather on some grimy vibes and you have a loudspeaker menace, which has already made it onto Pinch's Tectonic Plates Volume 2 Mix CD. 'Beyond' is the mellower of the two, with emotive synths to float away on in the club.

Bum notes: If you approach this as a heavy metal fan you'll be sorely disappointed.

Title: Selfish
Artist: Hard Ton
Label: Gigolo Records
Release date: March 2010

Sounds like: Energetic glam disco electro

High notes: Think Fischerspooner with extra glitter, ill-fitting lycra and you have Hard Ton; possibly a way to describe the group's collective weight and current erectile position. With analogue gear and arpeggios to the fore, 'Selfish' indulges old school Chicago claps and evolved Moroder synth stabs, while 'Earthquake' provides a low(er) key breather between the high energy slabs of disco-love.

Bum Notes: Some astounding amount of similarity between 'Selfish' and 'Forever No More' and the latter could do with less of the 'it works' formula.


  1. Niall's been raving about this guy as well. I think there's something to be said about the feller's 'BAWS OOT' approach, even if I'm not maaaaaad keen on the tunes.

  2. Sorry, a bit distracted... I was talking about Hard Ton.