Sunday, 14 February 2010

Vinyl and digital reviews: Jinx in Dub and Felguk ft Sporty-O

Title: Tippa Tap
Artist: Jinx in Dub
Label: Functional
Release date: March / April 2010

Sounds like: Energetic dub/step with breaks, reggae and a salute to early 90s jungle rave.

High notes: 'Tippa Tap' instantly reminds you of 'Hammer Time' rhythms - it's an instant party tune, moving from breaks to dubby reggae, but Ben Lex's remix has potential to do more damage on the dancefloor with the help of half-step and dubstep dashes amongst jungle and early rave-styled synths. Invariably it comes across as a slower paced, reinvented Prodigy for 2010. First Aid takes final remix duties, gearing 'Tippa Tap' towards dancehall, and if it could be defined as such, runs close to dubby dubstep!

Bum Notes: Not hearing more work from Jinx in Dub on this release; roll on the double AA sides!

Title: 2Nite
Artist: Felguk ft Sporty-O
Label: Giant Pussy
Release date: April/May 2010

Sounds like: Rave rises are making a big comeback over 2010!

High notes: A rare single track release here - '2Nite' - shows that Sporty-O continued to have a vocal life in dance music after the Body Snatchers (whom Lo-Quality still has high hopes for!). A growing throb of synth sets the backdrop for jittery electro-house and an all-out party tune with emphasis on the bass line.

Bum notes: Just one track? We live in demanding times!

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