Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Clash Music Reviews: Vinyl and Digital

I sometimes forget I can post my reviews for other media here, but voila!

Prosper, Zam'x, Hi! Population - Kiss My Neck Ep

... breakin'... into paranormal territory

Commencing with perhaps the first vampire themed electro-house / breaks tune, 'Suck My Neck' by Prosper and Zam'x featuring Miss Peg; it comes across as a B-movie horrortune, but is not as genre-overloaded as Prosper and Hi! Population's 'Strawberry Moon'. 'Chavroo Night' by Prosper and Zam'x steals the EP - perfect for slamming over a film montage of people clubbing and 'getting crazy with it'.

Release date: Feb / March 2010

Gramophonedzie - Why Don't You
Positiva / Virgin Records

... Fails to make a splash

Flashes of Mr Scruff are conjured by this sax-dominated funky house groove, awkwardly giving way to samples of Peggy Lee's jazzy version of 'Why Don't You Do Right' - the Audio Bully's would be proud of Gramophonedzie's mix of the kitsch and modern, but it's not enough to create waves in the wider house community.

Release date: 22 Feb 2010

Psychonauts - Take Control
Gigolo Recordings

... it's all in the remixes

Psy-trance and its related branches are not Gigolo's regular fare, but as part of a re-release they couldn't resist updating this 2003 track for the new decade. The original pscyhedelic and spacey track featuring Sam Lynham has been remastered, but it's the punchier house of Naum Gabo and dubby Pscycatron remixes we're interested in here!

Release date: Feb 2010

Silicone Soul - Hurt People Hurt People
Soma Records

... Capturing their namesake

Taken from their 2009 'Silicone Soul' album, 'Hurt People Hurt People' is a lovely tech-house groove, rubbing in flecks of deep Chicago to accurately capture the sound of one's soul if it were silicone. Bearweasel's remix is a less-forgiving techno take, while Jairo Catelo follows a tribal house path and Master H summons imagery of Fischerspooner and Mortiis going head to head.

Release date: 15 Feb 2010

Joel Alter - Soul Clap EP

... 909 goodness

Put simply, 'Soul Clap' will generate heat on the dancefloor and rekindle passion for old school synth and key stabs, set to clean and determined techno beats. Savas Pascalidis re-edits the track to a Chicago template, sustaining the filters and a 909 clap breakdown, and the flipside's 'Mellan Raderna' alters the pace to a deeper and languid house dub for three well-fitting EP partners.

Release date: 10 Feb 2010

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