Monday, 7 December 2009

Exclusive mix download from Patrick Walker

Hot from the local techno scene, Patrick Walker (Forward Strategy Group / Isodyne) releases this exclusive free mix on Fairtilizer fresh from the Leith FM soundwaves last Friday.

New, unreleased Forward Strategy Group material (soon to be released on Perc Trax) nestles amongst Silent Servant, Steve Stoll, Regis and Function. With already 4 downloads in Kazakhstan (techno knows no boundaries), dash ahead of the Europe and US crowds with this direct download: Click here for goodness.

The mix is entitled 'Balancing adjustment imperatives' and full tracklisting is here for your geeky pleasure.

regis // solution
milton bradley // dystopian vision
damon wild // warchild
function // the balance of power substance
function // the balance of power regis mix
michaelangelo // andromeda 13
O / V // killing european sons b1
forward strategy group // combat code a1
dz zank // subvoice 21 b1
portion reform // condition
steve stoll // proper 30 b1
portion reform // shift worker
microwave prince // death counter
charlton ravenberg // backwards
orphx // cracktest edit
damon wild // catalyst
mike denhart // vorwaerts
beast tamer // b1
O / V // killing european sons a1
forward strategy group // combat code b1
smear // burunda // charlton remix
ch-signal laboratories // scale 1
beast tamer // a2
damon wild // bloodhound
deuce // guttering
surgeon // dry b2
silent servant // demonstration
silent servant // la noche
martyn // vancouver
t++ // audio 1995 8 2
henry and louis // rise up pinch remix
equalized // 001 a1
wax 20002 // a1
james juskin // solution
peter van hoesen // casual care // samuli kemppi mix
function // the balance of power

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