Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Well it's 2010, hopefully you've wiped the vomit off the carpet by now, or were classy enough to retain all unnecessary bodily fluid release at this period of excess. I'm in the latter category but cannot account for some lost memory - seems if you stop one leak, another one springs.

Anyway, with a new year in mind, its fitting that we look to new talent on the horizon, and here is your chance to win a digital release on Soma Records!

Soma Records Remix Contest

In conjunction with FOEM and Harvey McKay, Soma are running a remix contest until 28 Feb for all budding electronic producers. Glasgow's Harvey McKay is submitting '69' - the track which first attracted Soma's keen ears - to the public for whatever they want to do to the original techno monster (two remixes per artist maximum).

As well as at least one digital release on Soma, the lucky winner will receive a 6 month subscription to Soma Records releases, and a t-shirt to wear while enjoying it all! You can obtain all the samples by registering with the FOEM forum and upload tracks in the same location.

Important Info from Soma:
  • Don't send your tracks directly to the artist or the label
  • Do your very own style
  • Take your time to remix, remember, a winning track takes time
  • Master your track but keep a raw version so Soma Records can master it
  • No legal recourse. The judges' decisions are final. The panel will include Harvey McKay and the Soma Records team

Good luck!


  1. Nice, my thanks for that simple deconstruction. It's one of those terms that I choose to wilfully misinterpret, as it's so fucking vague, but so specific.

  2. whoops, that was intended for the UK funky post.