Friday, 18 December 2009

Genre deconstruction: UK Funky

Until about two weeks ago, the genre of UK Funky was ashamedly unbeknownst to this writer, and searching the web reveals limited press coverage. Ok, it's not a brand new genre but like most can be considered a mutation or evolution of dance music; take a house template then carefully add some meaty r&b, and infuse with your choice of rhythms - whether that be afrobeat, soca, latin, garage or extremely bass heavy.

2008 appears to mark the genre's advance into clubbers' consciousness, via underground clubs in Lahndahn. Now, although it is a 'funky' music based on house, artists are quick to ascertain the difference to funky house.

Listen to the vids below for a very basic introduction to the difference in sounds:

Roska - Climate Change (UK Funky)

StoneBridge Feat. Therese - Put Them High(Funky house)

If you want to break it down into the technical similarities / dissimilarities we'll a) be here all day, and b) will end up further away from any definitive conclusion than when we started. The quickest breakdown relies on the general 'feeling' of the track, and which elements are emphasised most: here it is clear that UK funky is far more 'urban' and grime/garage influenced than traditional funky house, and certainly leans heavily on tribal percussion.

Hands down the number one resource for indulging your interests is, with a forum moderated by the freshest UK funky artists; mp3 store; charts; videos; latest news, as well as being the home of UK Funky Records.

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