Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Vinyl and digital reviews: Peter Van Hoesen and Cobblestone Jazz

Title: Entropic Minus Six
Artist: Peter Van Hoesen
Label: Time To Express
Release date: 8 Feb 2010

Sounds like: Cleaned-down techno with added fuzz; punchy bass throbbing in and out, up and down

High notes: The acidic 'Terminal'; kick-drum and dissipating bleep dominated 'Strip It, Boost It', with a hint of Gus Gus in the breakdown; the harder and more abrasive 'Quartz #1', obviously taking a cue from hard minerals; and the crashing wave of techno, 'Defence Against The Self, jostling you with claustrophobic atmospherics.

Bum Notes: None

More info: Grab a free four track download care of petervanhoesen.bandcamp.com, including 'Strip It Boost It - Entropic Dub' and 'Terminal - Markov Layout'. Get it in mp3, FLAC and more, and hold tight for the forthcoming full-length LP!

Title: Chance EP
Artist: Cobblestone Jazz
Label: Wagon Repair
Release date: 22 Feb 2010

Sounds like: Deep, melodic house with a river of keys running through it

High notes: Side-A's 'Chance Dub' demonstrate that looser ambiance does not increase production sloppiness; it's interlocking cogs of leftfield. B-side 'Chance' is a lighter affair with Air keys and an echoed vocoder, and keeps a curious pace - like someone went to the chillout room and dropped some 'phetamines.

Bum Notes: It's only a two track EP!

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