Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Vinyl and digital reviews: Tiga and Roland Nights

Title: Sex O'Clock Remixes
Artist: Tiga
Label: Turbo
Release date: 1 Feb 2010

Sounds like: Full throttle, chunky electro

High notes: Lidell's Sex O'Cloak n Dagger remix was always going to be a winner - the almost belching bass and low rumbles suggestive of all the funky bodily fluids that may accompany sex; and Playgroup's (Trevor Jackson) remix decides to wash your head in throbbing electrics, while a predator bassline roams with lust and notes hang in the air like dirty suggestions - it's Sex O'Clock indeed.

Bum Notes: It's not fair to class this as a bum note - but in comparative analysis, Matias Aguayo's remix is missing something amongst the snare and dangerous-edged electro.

Title: Bright Light EP
Artist: Roland Nights
Label: Urban Torque
Release date: 25 Jan 2010

Sounds like: Will strike chords with the Soma camp

High notes: Roland Nights aka Danny Stott is starting to make waves in the UK techno scene, and 'Bright Light' holds all the traditional Soma school of techno nuances, while 'Phonic' works on classic techno swell patterns, imbued with old rave melodies updated for 2010.

Bum Notes: The chintzy strings on 'Bright Light'

More info: This is Roland Nights' first appearance on Urban Torque, after winning of Tom Middleton's 'Hypnotizer' remix competition

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