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January 2010 Club Listings: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee

The first month of dancing is upon us, even if most of the roads are snowed in: travelling to your night-time activities by snowboard or husky is de rigeur if you're serious about dancing off the winter meat and chocolates!

Clubbing travel - sorted

As always, this post will be updated as the month progresses / whenever I get time to write it up / whenever I get info, but whet your whistle on this for starters:


Club: Dirt
Venue: The GRV
Date: 8th January

To gently ease you into the new year, Dirt return with a dirt-cheap night of house, electro, techno and dubstep, with heavy emphasis on the bass. Join Weakhunt (SMAC), Kris Meja (Touch), Al Majik (Aztech Breaks), Cobi, Maestro DD and Unsettla for a dance at GRV.

11pm-3am, £4 / £2 before 12am

Club: Xplicit
Venue: The Bongo Club
Date: 8th January

In the fine name of charidee, Xplicit aka the dnb club of the capital, will be hosting a fundraiser in honour of the Sick Kids Hospital, at a bargain donation of £5 each. Messenger Sound System will raise the levels with their behemoth speakers. In the main room Paul Reset (Nerve), Gmac (Underground Solution), Morphy (Cyclone), Beast (BigNBashy), and Eno (Parlay) bang out the beats, with your indomitable host MC BZ. As if the lights won't be getting a big enough shaking, upstairs is also Termite (Volume!), Tactusabaga Records, and Tekamine (Jungledub) - for the rough equivalent of 50p a performer what a great way to dance and raise donations at the same time.

11pm-3am, £5

Club: We Are... Electric
Venue: Cabaret Voltaire
Date: Wednesdays

With another three WAE nights left in the month you're getting plenty chance to shake off the post-new year blues; first up on the 13th Gary Mac and Babes bring the electro, disco, punk-funk and indie, then Gary is joined by Ruairi on the 20th, and Jacek Zamojski and Dava Le Funk (Headspin) on the 27th. Cough, cough, anyone feel some mid-week skives coming on?

11pm-3am, £2 / Free for members or before midnight
NEWS UPDATE: Launching this Friday 8th January, the monthly We Are Electric Fridays comes to Cabaret Voltaire for those us who can't make their mid-week affairs. Wolfjazz and B-Sides form the first guests, so if you've missed out all this time grab your chance with both hands!

11pm-3am, £3

Club: Compakt welcomes Kapital
Venue: Cabaret Voltaire
Date: 15th January

It's always a good 'un when two clubs join forces (like Captain Planet but less geared towards the environmental - might still get to wear the rings tho) to focus their techno directly through your chain of ear bones. Minimal rubs shoulders with fleshy 4/4 beats courtesy of Barry O'Connell (Kapital), Brad Charters (Kapital), Paul Thomas (Compakt) and Jamie Kidd (Compakt) in the main room, and room 2 keeping up the temperature with Pyz (Split), DD (Dirt) and Bruno FK (Compakt).

11pm-3am, £5 / Free before midnight

Bonus: Grab a mix by resident Bruno FK here as a taster

Club: Ultragroove
Venue: Cabaret Voltaire
Date: 16th January

One of Edinburgh's house giants,* Ultragroove returns with Hiro (Tronicsole) and resident Gareth Somerville for some West coast meets East coast action. The timing is right for Japenese-obsessed Hiro, who has a number of releases lined up for the year, including on Jef K's Silver Network and Claude Monnet's SSOH: 'Woman Of Colour / What You Trying To Say' with remixes by the Torre Brothers and Klement Bonelli is out now at iTunes, Beatport and

*Their 250th event is on the horizon!

10pm-3am, £7 / £5 students or with flyer before midnight

Club: Xplicit
Venue: Potterrow
Date: 22nd January

Xplicit return later in the month to celebrate their own 5th birthday and specially mark it with an appearance from DJ Friction, who performed at their first ever Xplicit event at the Honeycomb venue. Not content with Friction's three deck magic, ably supported by SP MC, Xplicit pile on the dnb with Dillinja, Spor, Eno, Morphy, and MCs Tonn Piper and BZ. From the mouth of promoter Simon: "We’ve had the opportunity to introduce a lot of people to the music, and had some groundbreaking events and the biggest drum and bass events to take place in Scotland. We’re pushing different styles - not only drum and bass - and opening people's eyes to other styles of music in a familiar environment."

10pm-3am, £12 / £10 for first 500 advance tickets

Club: Axis
Venue: Cabaret Voltaire
Date: 22nd January

Electro, techno, funk, soul and hip-hop await at the three roomed Axis, featuring head of Venga Digital, Liam Vizzle, Anarkid, Kai Davidson and Victor Q in the main room; all techno in room two with Neil Fernie, Alex Wilson, Les Hinks and Bobber, and a chilled affair in the Speakeasy.

11pm-3am, £5

Club: Headspin
Venue: Bongo Club
Date: 23rd January

Still going strong since their launch in the 20th century, Headspin cheer on their 12th birthday with a residents special and live percussion and visuals. House, hip-hop, funk and more await the club faithful, and in response to feedback from the crowds, Headspin are mainly concentrating on their top quality resident nights this year, selecting the finest guests for select events later in the year.

11pm-3am, £8

Club: Musika
Venue: Cabaret Voltaire
Date: 23rd January

After rescheduling Felix Da Housecat, Musika were beset with another cancellation recently, with the non-appearance of James Zabiela at their NYE special due to bad weather grounding his aircraft. But that hasn't stopped Musika from getting back on track with two special events, starting with a free house party (entry before midnight) with Musika residents and local guests, followed by the re-scheduled Zabiela gig next month - more details to follow. If you would like to see the Zabiela apology, click here. In the meantime, enjoy house and techno courtesy of Derek Martin, Blair Harrower, Neil Bartley and Laurie Neil; electro, nu-wave and electronica from Stu Todd (Fuse), Gus Armstrong (Fuse) and Gary Johnston; with a third treat of deep house and disco from Gav Grant and Kirk Douglas.

11pm-3am, £free (entry before midnight) or £7

Club: Devil Disco Club with Findo Gask (live)
Venue: The Bongo Club
Date: 29th January

The devil wore a blue dress, and now it has it's own Disco Club; supported by residents Kris Wasabi, Nick Yuill, and The Trouble DJs (Hobbes & Erik d'Viking) with a buffet of electro, house, disco, italo, rap, hip-hop and more to feed the crowd baying for the oscillating electronics of Findo Gask.

11pm-3am, £tbc

Club: Sugarbeat featuring Doorly and Riton
Venue: Cabaret Voltaire
Date: 29th January

The always spot-on Sugarbeat help bring the first month of the decade to a close with special guests Riton and Doorly. Similar to the Utah Saints residents, Doorly brings a mash-up of electro, techno, dnb, dubstep and choice beats, and the Ibiza Rocks Podcast presenter will play to impress with his 2 deck and 3CDJs set-up. Electronica / electro-clash artist Riton to inject a sparkly disco vibe and explore the meaning of Sugarbeats - check out his new release with Primary 1, entitled Radiates:

11pm-3am, price TBC

Club: Karnival
Venue: Cabaret Voltaire
Date: 30th January

In a month of club collaborations, Karnival opens the doors to DJs from Taste and Compakt for a genre face-off; Fisher & Price of Taste take on the Karnival residents in the main room, and the Compakt residents conquer the second room from the very beginning. The Latin-influenced celebrations will be accompanied by the usual on-site magicians (aye, you read that right, where else can you find dance music and magician tricks?)!

11pm-3am, £7 / £5 students or before midnight


Club: Everything Else Sucks
Venue: Origin, Windmill Brae
Date: 9th January

With such a bold statement, it's certainly a reason to investigate whether the club lives up to its own hype: with house, electro, breaks, acid techno and electro techno spinned by Djamba, Giles Walker, Eezma, Krazzy Martin and Talcolm X!

10pm - 3am, £5 advance (And tickets include a shot of Sambuca, Tequila or Sourz)

Club: Mixtape presents Breakbot
Venue: Snafu
Date: 22nd January

Aberdeen house and techno stalwart Mixtape welcomes Breakbot from Ed Banger Records for sunny breakbeat, electro, and disco to brighten the winter nights.

11pm-3am, £8 / £6 advance / £5 members

Club: Full Spektrum
Venue: Origin
Date: 22nd January

For their second birthday Full Spektrum serve up Morphy (Function / Nerve) for a live dnb set, and residents Y2D, D:liva, Tendek and Gandah armed with dubstep and jungle rhythms.

10pm-3am, £5

Club: Hush Hush
Venue: Origin
Date: 29th January

Hyperdub's Joker comes to Aberdeen to swathe the granite city in dubstep and grime, and perhaps infuriate budding producers with his young age and confirmed talents! Blessed by Kode9's recommendations, all eyes are on Joker in 2010. Djamba and Giles Walker carry support duties for this tasty Hush Hush event.

Enjoy Joker's remix of Simian Mobile Disco's 'Cruel Intentions':

10pm-3am, £8 advance


Club: Dub n Grub
Venue: The 78
Date: Thursdays

Although this is not traditionally a club, it's the hippest music you'll get while eating for low, low prices. Kicking off at 5pm, food is served up with dub (Main course with starters - £4, sides and desserts at £2) until 10.30pm, and between 8pm-12am the Mungo's Hi-fi DJs and occasional guests will entertain. There's optional dancing from 10pm onward! To be guaranteed a sit-down table at this popular night, they recommend you get there by 6pm.

5pm-12am, £free entry

Club: How's Your Party? with Scratch Perverts
Venue: Sub Club
Date: 22nd January

For the first of two HYP? event this month, the Sub Club and its bassy, bassy sonic floor play host to the legendary Scratch Perverts; Prime Cuts, Plus One and Tony Vegas are joined by Boom Monk Ben for a fine night of vinyl mastery.

11pm-3am, £10 / £8

Club: How's Your Party?
Venue: Sub Club
Date: 29th January

HYP? returns before the month is out with a DJ set from Hot Chip's Joe Goddard, a live electro peformance from Peter Digital Orchestra (Eklektik Records) and Mixed Bizness DJ Point to C in a bid to prove their growing reputation for class line-ups stacked one after the other.

11pm-3am, £10 / £8

Club: Impact
Venue: Soundhaus
Date: 30th January

Finish the month with hardcore beats when Impact in association with Motormouth Recordz welcome Day-Mar and The Sickest Squad (live) to girate to gabber/gabba/industrial/speedcore and of course, hardcore techno. The Sickest Squad and Igneon System (Motormouth XL) will be making their Scottish debut amongst ten other DJs to coat your ears in hard, hard love. Remember, the Soundhaus is for members and guests - one member can sign in six guests, and you can obtain the £4 membership when ordering tickets online.

9.30pm-3.30am, £12 advance

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