Wednesday, 30 June 2010

July 2010 (Week 1) Clubbing Listings: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Dundee

Starting the month off with a new addition, each week of listings will now include featured club of the week!


Club: Dirt
Venue: GRV
Date: 2nd July

Live audio and visual guests for this evening are Guns at Dawn aka Dickie Drysdale and AnaRkid, supported by Cobi, Maestro and DD for full-on bassline rumbles. Fidget the house away with techno and electro beats!

11pm-3am, £4 / £3 before midnight

Club: Big'N'Bashy
Venue: Bongo Club
Date: 3rd July

South-East London Grime MC P-Money rolls into town for a big'n'bashy night of reggae, dubstep and more. DJ Magic adds the bassy finishing touches.

11pm-3am, £8

Club: Fake
Venue: Sneaky Pete's
Date: 3rd July

Scrubber Fox (live av set) and EatDisco prevail as headline guests at Fake, who love their electro breaks with plenty substance.

11pm-3am, £3 / members free

Club: Ultragroove
Venue: Cabaret Voltaire
Date: 3rd July

There's only one Ultragroove party of house, techno and disco this month, resting up to take August and the Edinburgh festival by storm! One half of the Edinburgh boat party team, Harry Bennet, joins resident Gareth Sommerville - land ahoy!

11pm-3am, £8 / £5 before midnight and students


Featured Club of the Week: Discopia
Venue: The Admiral
Date: 3rd July

They've come to save your house and disco! Or rather, if you fancy jigging away in the name of local revivals this is the club fundraiser for you!

Lo-Quality grabbed a quick chat with Discopia co-founder Niall Connolly to get the lowdown.

Who is the fundraiser for and why? "We are raising funds to get the Discopia website back online. We launched it in 2005 (after being a printed fanzine) and have featured writing from and articles on David Mancuso, Greg Wilson, Alden Tyrell, Daniel Wang, Metro Area, Nicky Siano, JD Twitch, I-F, Daniele Baldelli, Bill Brewster and more. The radio show had sets from Prins Thomas, Cosmo, Maurice Fulton, Danny Wang and hundreds of other folk. But one of the main aspects of the 'zine is that it was a platform for, and supported, the Glasgow disco scene, which basically doesn't get a look in anywhere else. So when we return we will have interviews with some pretty big names, but also a focus on all the DJ and production talent on our doorstep. We are also planning to start a record label to release music by some of that talent too."

Who is playing? "We've managed to get the cream of Glasgow's disco DJs on board for the fundraiser, which I am very proud about! Our kick ass line up will see music being spun by Billy Woods (Der Supermax), Andrew Pirie (Melting Pot), Teamy (Wrong Island), David Barbarossa (Fun Size), Ally McLeod (Refo Recordings) and myself. Melting Pot have kindly let us take their slot at the Admiral while they're on a summer hiatus, so really there's no excuse not to come. Get your dancing shoes on!"

What are you wearing? "My best Brian-Blessed-in-Flash-Gordon finery."

11pm-3am, £6

Extra: Free mix for your listening pleasure and to celebrate the Discopia website: "It's 69 minutes of very uptempo, string-laden, soulful late-70s disco, and you can download it from here.

  • TWO TONS OF FUN Do You Wanna Boogie, Hunh?
  • CELI BEE Fly Me On The Wings Of Love
  • FARRARI Love Attack (12" Mix)
  • SYLVESTER Dance (Disco Heat)
  • P'ZAZZ I Heard It Through The Grapevine
  • INNER LIFE You Got Me Dancing
  • THE VILLAGE PEOPLE San Francisco
  • NIGHTLIFE UNLIMITED Dance, Freak and Boogie (Remix)
  • UNIVERSAL ROBOT BAND Dance & Shake Your Tambourine
  • EROTIC DRUM BAND Action '78 (Edited Version)
  • GOODY GOODY #1 Dee Jay

Club: Slabs of the Tabernacle
Venue: La Cheetah
Date: 3rd July

Going on a Detroit techno theme this month, aptly titled the Summer Detroit Party, Slabs welcome Hek and Binny of Liverpool's Voodoo / Rehab, and Arne Weinberg of diametric for a root around techno's origins and teeth-shattering qualities. Support comes from Andrew Ingram.

11pm-3am, £5

Club: Bigfoot's Tea Party
Venue: The Goat
Date: 3rd July

Warm up for Saturday night with day-time DJs, including special techno guest Hans Bouffmhyre, a BBQ, visuals and a live mural wall (whatever that is? Attendees answers are welcomed!) courtesy of Bigfoot's Tea Party.

1pm-11pm, £10


Club: Mothership & Let It Bleed
Venue: Club Snafu
Date: 3rd July

Ed Banger Records' hero Feadz lands the Mothership with a hefty dose of French-inspired electro and techno. From humble beginnings at the feet of Mr Oizo, a man intrisically linked forever with denim trousers, Feadz has gone on to help the career of former girlfriend Uffie as well as blow the minds of the good people of BPitch Control.

11pm-3am, £7 advance

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