Saturday, 3 September 2011

Vinyl and Digital Reviews: Black Dog, George FitzGerald and Obtane, Georgio Gigli & Tinman

The Black Dog - Liber Temple (Dust Science Recordings)
… going back to our roots

Black Dog were doing dark techno when UK cities could be considered ‘industrial’, and now that 80s deprivation rears its head, they embrace the aggressive and driving with ‘Heavy Industry’, a silent but screaming protest peppered with abstract samples and ‘Greedy Gutter Guru’, culling melodious sirens’ urgency into synth noise.

Released: 5 September 2011 / Out now

George FitzGerald - Fernweh / Hearts (ManMakeMusic)
… melting genres like butter

The ManMakeMusic label head begins their new series with ‘Fernweh’, a bright spray of keys supported by deep, grooving rhythms and soulful house vocals; for those who found dubstep too heavy, and house too stagnant. ‘Hearts’ continues scooping garage into techno, dubstep, and house for a shuffly piece of loveliness.

Released: 5 September 2011 / Out now

Obtane, Giorgio Gigli, Tin Man - Analysis of a Nihilist Who Wants to Become Famous (Zooloft)
... wish we could call it shoegaze techno

Eerie soundscapes and relentless techno hammering out your insecurities, ‘Social Deconstruction’ and throbbing ‘Individual Submission’ come from the new(ish) dark wave making producers dribble at aural beauty, and sometimes being lost on casual listeners. Beats struggle against dying ‘Ghosts of Techno’ melodies; like a broken heart trying to mend itself, solemnly ebbing away.

Released: 12 September 2011 / Out now

Originally written for Clash Magazine - these are the unedited originals. You can read all the latest Electric Selection 12" reviews over at or buy it in the newsagents. 

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