Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Vinyl & Digital Reviews: Baobinga, New Kind of Porn, Los Updates vs Argenis Brito and Nick Thayer

July reviews for you people! (Originally written for Clash Magazine July/August 2010)

Baobinga - Steak 003 (Steakhouse)
...always produces a meaty selection

Raggastep professor Baobinga is pushing the bass and the 'future garage' movement for a meaty 4 track release; compacting hyper electro and dancehall on 'Wine Up ft Killa Benz'; adding a glass-like texture to the beats on 'Raggipahop ft Rubi Dan', and competing bass against deep stabs and euphoric chord changes.

Release date: 5 July 2010

New Kind of Porn - Decision to Resist (Superstonic)
...making these tracks

The shock tactics of the name is mistakenly interesting; sounding like an electro Blues Brothers at first, 'Decision to Resist' slices into Apollo 440-esque guitar rock and comes off sounding like a movie chase scene. 'V.2' takes the electro edge further, exploring the Dragonettes' playground.

Release date: 12 July 2010

Nick Thayer - Just Let It Go (Passenger)
... and ramp up the energy!

Nick Thayer's 16 track LP swings between the Justice tones of electro and breakbeat on 'Bring On the Drums', dancehall vibes on 'Zombies' and drawls everywhere Sporty-O appears. Dnb-style builds are employed as the default tension creators (a little draining eventually) and macho growls deploy attitude to rival the tracks' ferocity - food for thought.

Release date: July 2010

Los Updates vs Argenis Brito (Nice Cat Records)
... bringing cumbia to the masses

Capturing the feel-good festival sentiment, these Chilean dance purveyors blend traditional cumbian music with house and metallic winces on 'Valparaiso (No te olvdes, Panchito)'. 'Dont Take Candy From Strangers' punches in the electro and techno influences but prolongs the breakdown a tad, and 'Candy' imbues an
irresistible ass-shaking latin shuffle.

Release date: 24 July 2010

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  1. Argemis Brito always delivers , an underrated underground genius