Thursday, 8 July 2010

July 2010 (Week 2) Clubbing Listings: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Dundee


Club: JakN
Venue: GRV
Date: 10th July

Three is the magic number for techno and house club JakN, when they feature S3konZ on three decks over three hours for a princely three pounds. Support comes from Ryan Turner and FuK-NuT with more bar groove DJs to be announced.

10.30pm-3am, £4 / £3 before 12am

Club: Headspin
Venue: Bongo Club

Date: 10th July

It's the second last regular Headspin night before their swansong with DJ Yoda next month (don't worry, there will be special one-off events in the future), so here's a chance to grab an intimate dance with the resident DJs Allan Dunbar, Steve Austin, Dava and Bongo Dave. Visuals from Foundlight.

11pm-3am, £5

Club: Frequency
Venue: The Street
Date: 11th July

Frequency moves to the The Street basement for a four hour pre-club warm-up of dirty, fidgity, and bassy house rubbing shoulders with techno drunk on Detroit and acid. Kris Meja (Fixate Records), Tony Nicol (Fuse) and Shaun Johnston rock the foundations.

9pm-1am, £0


Featured Club of the Week: Wrong Island
Venue: Nice 'n' Sleazy
Date: 10th July

Wrong Island celebrate resident Teamy's birthday this month with plenty helpings of techno, disco, electro, dubstep and more with resident Dirty Larry.

Lo-Quality spoke to Teamy and chatted new ventures, new tunes and self-indulgence.

So, it's your 30th birthday! What is lined up for Wrong Island celebration-wise? "Shhhhhh! Don't tell everyone! Wrong Island is always a fun and drunken affair so I imagine it'll be much the same this month. I'm going to pack a bag of records later tonight and I'm thinking I'll pack things that I associate with my friends or vice versa. It's probably a bit self-indulgent but if you can't be self-indugent on your birthday, when can you be? It's not like I'm known for restraint at the best of times."

What tracks will feature on the night - any new material you've recently got your hands on and will play out for the first time? "Yeah, I recently started working with my friend Aleks on some music of our own and so I will be playing the final version of our remix of Hot Chip's 'Alley Cats' on Saturday and maybe some other stuff. I got sent some nice promos this month which I'll most likely play out: something from the new Den Haan EP on Supersoul, a new Ramadanman cut and other stuff. Mostly though, I'll be sticking to stuff people will recognise. It's a party after all."

What's happening for Wrong Island in the year ahead? "We're DJing at the Electric Frog Carnival in August which I am very excited about as Liquid Liquid are playing. The Hot Chip remix we did has a very obvious tribute to them at the end. It's also our third birthday in September. We should get planning a special party for that.

"We have so much fun doing the party at Nice & Sleazy, so that will definitely be staying on the calender. We'd like to bring some guests to the city but it's not easy financially. I can't help but feel that smaller affairs are starting to become to way people are headed, whether that's because people are skint or because of a general malaise towards big, soulless clubs (or maybe clubs in general, I don't know.) Sometimes guests are a let down as they've been so hyped up that they can't live up to people's expectations. I'm not exactly old school but I still like nights that have residents only or the occasional guest when it's a special night. You get a much more consistent night-out that way. It's a lot harder in some ways though as you don't get anything to grab people's attention. It's worth it in the long run though."

Just how Dirty will Dirty Larry be for this special birthday event? "I heard he hasn't washed in over a month in preparation. If that isn't Wrong, then I don't know what is. Haha!"

11pm-3am, £3 / Free before 11.30pm

Extra: Check out resident Teamy's mix to promote his new night 'ayeTunes'! "It's a busy weekend for me; I've just started a weekly pub shindig at MacSorley's and the de facto first one is this Friday (9th July). I'm going to try to make the Friday pub thing something a bit different from what we do at Wrong Island. I don't really think club music should be heard in pubs. Certainly not a full night of it anyway. It sort of pulls away from the essence of what pubs are about for me, namely drinking and talking with friends. So this will be more the sorts of things that I'd listen to in the house or maybe after hours."

Club: Subculture
Venue: Sub Club
Date: 10th July

It's all very secretive this week, with a 'super secret' guest hitting the decks with resident Domenic. Suspicions point to a T in the Park DJ; Carl Cox, Plastikman, Sven Vath, Ivan Smagghe, Dubfire... we can but dream... until Saturday night when all is revealed!

11pm-3am, £10


Club: Everything Else Sucks
Venue: Origin
Date: 10th July

Grab a cheap and dirty music fix from Everything Else Sucks and their residents' night, hosted by Djamba, Eezma, and Krazzy Martin for the finer things in life - electro, house and techno!

11pm-3am, £5

Extra: Check out the EES's Courtyard Party at Enigma on 31st July to warm up for their special guest August slot!

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