Thursday, 23 September 2010

Vinyl and Digital Reviews: Terrence Fixmer and Benna & Kid.Chic

Terrence Fixmer - Comedy Of Menace (Electric Deluxe)
... totally 'trending'

Electric Deluxe's first artist album is dark hanging notes, impatient 808 tapping and techno through an ever-moving aperture. Fixmer travels through deep, melodious beats, jitters into LFO taps, and achieves an ill at ease yet hypnotic tome. As the twitterers would say, this is 'trending'.

Release date: 28 September 2010

Benna & Kid.Chic - Harry Klein Records 002 (Harry Klein Records)
... deep, trippy house

Benna's '24/7' Herb Abuse is not so much Jah Rastafari as trippy chants, head-twisting deep house and hissing snares, or is that snaring hisses? By comparison, Kid.Chic's 'Untitled' is a sunlit bar groove; chilled tech-house with spoon and jar percussion and decorated with bird chirps.

Release date: September 2010

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