Sunday, 3 October 2010

Vinyl and Digital Reviews: Karton, Riva Starr and Ninja Tunes XX

Originally reviewed for Clash Magazine, September 2010, 'Electric Selection'

Karton - For All Seasons (Sound of Habib)
... for outside and inside

15 tracks designed 'For All Seasons'; Karton take their breakbeat, dnb and electronica sound and spread their vision further than the dancefloor, without losing energy. The result steps around interesting blends, reining in lamenting guitars, poppish riffs, and indulgent strings. Pendulum fans will definitely dig.

Release date: September 2010

Riva Starr feat Noze - I Was Drunk (Positiva)
... Eurovision house!

Riva Starr has invented a new genre: Eurovision house. A mix of bouncy French and Greek traditions (heavy on the accordion and 'oompahs') mingling with upbeat house and accented vocals about drinking with girls in a club; we await the follow-up hit, 'I took an antacid'.

Release date: 23rd August 2010

V/A - Ninja Tune XX (Ninja Tune)
... 20 years representin'

This 20th anniversary representin' box-set is a must for collectors, fanboys and a goldmine for apt mixes (parties, chilling, entering another dimension, etc.). Like this reviewer you may listen for hours while interspersing tracks with exhilarated shouts of 'why haven't I heard this until now?'.

Release date: 20th September 2010

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