Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Vinyl & Digital Reviews: Offshore, Jargon V.A feat. Killa P and Narstie, and Manu Harmilapi

Originally reviewed for Clash Magazine, October 2010, 'Electric Selection'

Offshore - Aneurysm EP (Big Dada)
... but not out to sea

Offshore delivers four bass-heavy tracks for Big Dada, with metronomic drum ticks, cues from early Autechre and nods to future funk, crunk and synth-pop. 'Round and Round' is especially interesting, bringing a manga quality of the innocent and childish together with the dark and tainted.

Release date: 18 October 2010

Jargon V.A featuring Killa P and Narstie - Crime Scene / Shottah (Cheese on Bread)
... chaotic yet likeable

Jargon V.A and Killa P collaborate for 'Crime Scene', akin to sped-up dubstep and grimy hip-hop thundering away: the chaotic quality is quite likeable. Narstie helps rub stadium rock guitar on grimy and gruff vocals for 'Shottah'; always a welcome break from the polished vocals saturating music.

Release date: October 2010

Manu Harmilapi - Drei (Elektronik Milieu)
... ein, zwei

The Elektronik Milieu debut delivers sound designer techno, bringing a banging British quality of unrepentant movement to 'Something's Gonna Happen', and jittery beats for the aerodrome texture of 'Don't Call Me'. Title track 'Drei' - meaning three - clarifies the triplet beats, building intensity to melodic tinkles of emotion.

Release date: 1 October 2010

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