Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Vinyl and Digital Reviews: Mondkopf, Giorgio Gigli and Albert

Digging through the hard-drive and found May release reviews! Check out the delights at a record store near you, good selections here.

Mondkopf - ‘Day Of Anger EP' (In Paradisum)
... onto a winner

Mondkopf is onto a 2011 winner with title track ‘Day of Anger’, lulling you into false security with an piano solo before decay seeps into powerful Modeselektor-esque emotives with stamping beats, and a whiff of Justice on ‘Eastern Revolt’, ebbing out with eerie, dark electro.

Out now

  ClashMusic Dj Mix Podcast - Mondkopf by clashmusic

Giorgio Gigli, Obtane, Milton Bradley - The Dark Thoughts of Fate's Manufacturer (Zooloft)
… Tim Burton techno

Three tracks capture ‘The Dark Thoughts...’ intent of moody and blistering corrosion of techno, peppered with the animal snarl of synths and roars of white noise, setting the dark and moody scene. Dark UK techno has provided a template, and Zooloft is running with it.

Out now

Lo-Quality Recommended

Albert - Albert EP (Studio Rockers)
…garage, meet dubstep

Albert leans far from the garage sounds of popular predecessors like Shanks and Bigfoot, enmeshing stabs of dubstep melancholy with 2-step futuristic garage on ‘Darling Now’, and bringing out metallic textures for the industrial clanking of busy dubstep percussives for the intriguing ‘Cant Lie Still’.

Out now

  Albert E.P by Studio Rockers 

Available to buy

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