Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Jammer... it up your arse

Thanks to the honourable Production Unit for his cough in this direction. Brought to you with production by Toddla T and overwrought vocals from Jammer, this shits directly onto your face on January 11th 2010, so be sure to contract some sort of viral ear infection which may help deflect this offense to the grime scene.

"Give back the video monkey to Modeselektor!"

Or maybe I don't understand grime, but Big Dada don't always make bad decisions like this. From the annoying, loutish chant of 'I'm a party animal' to the bland laydee oohs, it sounds like it tried to make the beast with two backs while Toddla T was wiped out on GBL.

Quite frankly I'd rather truck it down to Maccy D's and have the Blackout Crew play me their selections of donks.

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