Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Hell is huffin'

... poppers, I thought at first. I was revving up for a slating; donning some shades, lighting a fag, cracking knuckles and readying myself to set aboot it - and then it goes and starts toying with my secret liking for the dark side of the 80s (and aye, I have that compilation album, I bought that album).

DJ Hell feat. Bryan Ferry should be a combination you only see in nightmares, and lo and behold when Ferry's creepy uncle lounge singing and Hell's furious masturbation of the synth snake recreate the vision of enfant terrible...

Except, it doesn't go that way - Ferry's voice builds in grandeur and lament, Hell flips open the cage door to his electro behemoth, and the beats steadily tick off the cheese factor. From the heart-tugging melancholics to tonal chord steps for the kind of graduating descent we all love to hum to, 'U Can Dance' is an unashamed invitation to squiggle around in lace and leather. I won't hate you if you love this....

and I'll probably just continue jigging behind closed doors.

Released 28 January 2010 on International Deejay Gigolo Records with remixes from Carl Craig, Tim Goldsworthy, and Simian Mobile Disco.

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