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Edinburgh and Glasgow Hogmanay Clubs 2009/10

A decision more difficult than writing your Xmas wishlist has ever been, the venue for your New Year celebrations takes time to mull over and get just right. Spend it at a houseparty; take in as many clubs as possible; choose your favourite and stick with it - picking your first born's name could be easier.

I'm not going to make it any easier by highlighting how much is on, starting with Edinburgh and Glasgow with more updated as the events are announced!

The Capital (Edinburgh to me and you)

Musika, The HMV Picture House, Thurs 31st December
10pm – 5am, advance tickets £29.50 / More thereafter
After Mylo plays out the City's Hogmanay he heads over to Musika for the official Edinburgh after party for an intimate 1500 people. Keep an ear out during his DJ set for hints of his second LP, released in 2010. Another Musika favourite, James Zabiela will compete for attention with either his breakbeat skills or by repeatedly flicking his mane of hair into other player's line of sight. Local talent comes from Dean Newton, Derek Martin, Alan Dobson, and Neil Bartley.
Top tip: If you purchase tix from St James Centre Customer Services Desk there is no additional booking fee charged.

Volume!, Sneaky Pete's, Thurs 31st December
10pm – 5am, advance tickets £5+bf / more thereafter
Volume!, For just about the only dubstep you're going to get in Edinburgh to bring in 2010 - like the Dude - Volume! abides. Twist in hip-hop, dnb, jungle and Baltimore with their new underground home in the heart of Edinburgh's bowels, and you'll joyfully shatter your kneecaps with the thundering sounds of Termite, Morphamish (Urge Mode), Kidill AKA Smooth Rider (Noizteez/Red Alert), Jonny Faith (Headroom-Australia), WolfJazz (StepBack) and Robtheft (Beta).

Departure Lounge, The Caves, Thursday 31st December
10pm – 5am, £24
Fancy squeezing dance music of the world into one room? From the Edinburgh Samba School to the dub monster of Big Toes Hi-Fi Soundsystem, the Haggis Horns to the Banana Sessions, and Astroboy, Jimenez and Mr Zimbabwe.... all continents get a look in at Departure Lounge, the meeting place of many nations. Afro, latin, european, house, we could be here for days just listing it!

Confusion is Sex, The Bongo Club, Thurs 31st December
11pm – 5am, £10 advance
Not for the faint-hearted, Confusion is Sex mixes burlesque, art, latex [no thanks, I'm allergic :( ], glitter and disco, house, pop, techno and much electronics! If you're there for the tits, they're unveiled 4-5am by Daiquiri Dusk, and at some point upstairs by the Freaky Brides.

Balkanarama, Studio 24, Thurs 31st December
10.30pm-5am, £tbc
Featuring Black Cat, DJ Grandma Staflash, Alejandro Toledo and Magic Tombolinos, Balkanarama brings you beats from the Balkan and gypsy punk coupled with belly dancing and Turkish food!


Death Disco, The Arches, Thurs 31st December
9pm - 5am, £28
The regulars and the club-curious have been baying for the full (and first ever) NY line-up of Death Disco, and here it is! Deep breath - Erol Alkan (playing the feted 12am slot), Aeroplane, Rex The Dog (Live), Mark Moore, Sammy Jo (Scissor Sisters Tour DJ), Den Haan (Live), Acid Girls, Burns, and the Fanklub Deejays, all set to a backdrop of New York City as the venue undergoes some serious decor change courtesy London-based artist collective Ebony and Ivory. The Statue of Liberty, Hudson River, the East Village, Coney Island... there's even speak of candy floss and fuck me do I love candy floss. Music for the evening follows the very traditional onslaught of disco, electro, italo, rock and anything that makes the spine tingle. Might want to adopt some tongue-in-cheek leg warmers to fit right in with the late 80s / early 90s theme!
Top tip: Reminder for ya's - a free DD tote bag and a XXXas ticket for £5 when you buy a ticket for their New Year show

Melting Pot
, The Admiral, Thurs 31st December
10pm-4am, £20 / £18 advance
Melting Pot love them some Greg Wilson, so it's fitting he appears during his Credit to the Edit Vol. 2 tour (Tirk) to help them count down the seconds. Wilson's name is practically interchangeable with the Hacienda club and the electro boogie sound in the UK, and he continues to showcase the sound to this day. Also on hand is The Revenge (Jicomusic), the Dance! Dance! Dance! DJs, Jamie Thomson, and Melting Pot Residents Andrew Pirie and Simon Cordiner to tip in the afro, house, disco and more... it'll be a - and I hesitate to say it for the pun factor - Melting Pot of sound.
Top Tip: No booking fee when you book through Aspecto (0141 248 5349)

Optimo Espacio, The Old Fruit Market, Thurs 31st December
10pm-4am, £28
Only Optimo seem to have picked up on the last-year-in-the-first-decade-of-the-21st-century theme for Hogmanay, and have fittingly bequeathed their party the title, “Celebrating the End of the Decade”. And they’re doing it in style in the less traditional venue of The Fruitmarket, complete with access to a swanky balcony. Guests for the event include Hudson Mohawke, Glasgow’s very own Warp star; back from the front lines of gigging with Peaches and Hot Chip, it’s Drums of Death playing a home game in rave; and on the newly set up bar stage, the No Wave successes Divorce and The Niallist perform live for your pleasure. JD Twitch and JG Wilkes complete the line-up for an it’s-anyone’s-guess evening of dance music, slaloming its way through the genres.

Numbers & Ballers Social Club, Stereo, Thursday 31st December
11pm-late, £15 advance
The two clubs which personify Glaswegian urbanism are joining forces in a ‘that was the year that was’ showcase of their favourite 2009 artists across two floors. Guests include Dorian Concept (Affine / Kindred Spirits) playing live, Planet Mu’s Brackles (Apple Pips), Guido, the Numbers and LuckyMe DJs and visuals from Retina Glitch. Both Ballers and Numbers have got their hands on the keyboard genius that is Dorian Concept at earlier events, and needed to hear his Trilingual Dance Sexperience once more time; Brackles (a FWD>> regular) meanwhile is a darling of the dubstep / future garage sound and RnB head, Guido (Purple Trinity) of Peverelist’s Punch Drunk label. The Numbers and LuckyMe DJs will play the bar for a hyper hyper party party.
Top tip: Free stuff! They’re giving away free, unspecified (as yet) stuff on the night!

Spectrum, Blackfriars Basement, Thurs 31st December
10pm-3am, £12 / £10
Electro, electro, electro! Yes, they're playing electro at Spectrum with the residents for NY.

Tictactoeclub, Templeton Carpet Factory, Thurs 31st December
2pm-2am, £26
In perhaps the oddest venue yet, the Tictactoeclub takes over the Templeton Carpet Factory (apparently modelled on the Doge’s Palace in Venice) for a 12 hour party with Matthias Tanzmann(Circo Loco / Moon Harbour), Broken & Towie (No Dough),Harvey McKay (Soma), Andrew Doran (Tictactoe), Simon Stokes, Daniel Hedley (Hotbox), Bobby Wilson (EQd), and Terry Whyte (Optik). It should perhaps be noted at this point that they haven’t produced carpet at the factory for nigh on 50 years, but we’re sure it will be comfortable on the feet nonetheless!
Top tip: There’s an afterparty running till 4am – no much details here but it’s located at the Big Joint, Whiteinch, and the club have mentioned coaches to whisk you away after the bells!

Sub Club NYE, Thurs 31st December
10pm - 4am, £20 advance
To be honest he looked like a Jean Paul Gaultier sailor last time I saw him play at the Sub Club with Daniel Bell, and I really hope he looks like that again this time: Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts (live) will join Ralph Lawson and Harri & Domenic (for what I think is a Subculture NYE party, but details are scant at present). With the addition of residents Harri & Domenic then it’s exceedingly likely the latter subtext is true and top-notch house will be flying off the decks!


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