Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Genre deconstruction: your pick

Ok, if you're vaguely like me, there will be a plethora of genres you've seen scattered across reviews and features and thought 'what the hell are they talking about'? Names seem to be pulled from nowhere and can often be misleading - I'm still musing over 'Tropical' given that I instantly think of Calypso music and fresh coconut milk. With this in mind I'm putting it to my readers (however few or many there are*) to nominate the next genres to deconstruct with reckless abandon and music bytes. Every genre will be written about, so get commenting on this post to tear apart the style confusing you.

*checking this week's blog stats, I have to give a shout out to the people of Brazil and Serbia for their sudden interest!


  1. Witch house. What the hell is it?

  2. Witch house - that's a new one to me! The investigation begins...

  3. Dark step - cool, getting together a nice wee list of features here! All sounding quite gloomy and halloween-related, how fitting for October.