Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Soundcloud Meetup: Glasgow, 9th February 2011

This month SoundCloud comes to Glasgow for a special showcase event of local talent. Kicking off at 5pm at The Scottish Music Centre at the City Halls with a Creative Workshop, the evening culminates in a networking and showcase event at the Stereo club venue from 8pm to 12am. Lo-Quality will be there to hear the latest sounds, and you should be to!

Press release and submission instructions:

SoundCloud, one of the most popular online audio distribution platforms, boasts over a million subscribers making music in every genre you can think of. On Wednesday 9th of February, Glasgow will join cities around the world in organising meetups for SoundCloud users.

In Glasgow, the event will be focusing on celebrating the best that the music scene in the city has to offer in a showcase and networking event at Stereo. To enable this to happen SoundCloud users in Glasgow are encouraged to submit their best tracks along with artist contact details to the SoundCloud group in advance of the event. On the night the music submitted will be played whilst displaying the artist information on the visuals screen.

This will be preceded by an audio workshop at the Scottish Music Centre in City Halls, where a new collaborative composition will be created for showcasing at the main event. Musicians are encouraged to bring along their instrument and participate in creating this new work and showing just what the talent found within Glasgow can do.

Submission: To submit a track for the showcase at Stereo please submit your track to this SoundCloud group

Please ensure you leave the following information:
  • Artist Name
  • Track Title
  • Record Label/'s
  • Website
  • Email Address
  • SoundCloud Address
This will be used on the visuals display whilst your music is being played.

If you would prefer not to make your download links publicly available then you can submit the downloadable versions either by email at or to

Please note this is an 18+ years old event as Stereo is a licensed venue.

There are plans afoot for similar events to promote Scottish music, and Lo-Quality is looking forward to reporting it for supporters and interested musicians.

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