Wednesday, 2 February 2011

February (Week 1) Clubbing Listings: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee

Featured Club of the Week: Melting Pot
Venue: The Admiral
Date: Saturday 5th February

I’m trying hard not to pepper this paragraph with alliteration - the verily rhyming Leo Zero of Strut Records adds to the favoured disco-house of residents Andrew Pirie and Simon Cordiner with a fevered house set, utilising first-hand experience garnered from deep grooves, acid, and experimental scenes over the 90s. This is the first guest for Melting Pot in 2011, and the crew are delighted as this gig kicks off their 10th year on the go.

Sounds like:

11pm-3am, £10


Club: Balkanarama
Venue: Studio 24
Date: Friday 4th February

Balkanarama go back to their roots when the original creator of Balkan Beats, Robert Soko features for a high octane adventure in klezmer, gypsy punk and electronica with the Baghdaddies and Black Cat for live music, bellydancing and jammin’.

10pm-3am, £9 / £7 before 11pm

More info: Balkanarama also appears at the Glasgow School of Art on Saturday 5th February, 10pm-3am £8.

Club: Fuse
Venue: Lane Nightclub
Date: Friday 4th February

Fuse are discontinuing their regular Edinburgh nights, but on their farewell party they're pulling out the big acidic guns with Congorock’s capital debut. A thrash of electro, techno, 2-step, dubstep and house awaits! Fuse will return with special one-off events in the future.

Sounds like:

10.30pm-3am, £7

Club: Tokyoblu
Venue: Cabaret Voltaire
Date: Friday 4th February

It’s the 100th Tokyoblu club night and keeping the house fresh and funky with Gabriel Kemp, Niall & Denis McKervey, and DJ No Bad.

Sounds like: Mix for Rockness by Gabriel Kemp

11pm-3am, £8 / £5

Club: Pulse
Venue: The Store
Date: Friday 4th February

Alan Fitzpatrick, who made his Fabric debut last month, is new on the techno scene but quickly garnering fans of his stripped back sounds and deep chord stabs. Catch him at Pulse at the newly renamed GRV - now The Store.

Sounds like:

11pm-3am, £8

Club: Telefonik present White Noise
Venue: The Lane
Date: Saturday 5th February

If you’ve fallen asleep in a rubbish bin outside the Lane after pummeling it at Congorock, stick around for the city’s newest addition - Dunfermline's Telefonik launches in Edinburgh, leaving behind the Kingdom of Fife for the Haven of House. Special guests Colin Cook (Ultragroove) and Mikey Inglis (Telefunken) contribute to the electro, tech-house and funky sounds.

10pm-3am, £5 or £20 including return transport from Kirkcaldy, Dunfermline or South Queensferry


Club: Bigfoot's
Venue: Art School
Date: Friday 4th February

They’re in the ‘terrible twos’ now, but luckily that only applies to human babies and not techno, house and electronica clubs! The wonderful twos welcome Berlin’s Daniel Steinberg of Front Room Recordings for minimal action.

Sounds like:

11pm-3am, £10 / £8

More info: Bigfoot returns to Aberdeen’s Snafu on the 25th of February. 11pm-3am, £6 / £3 before midnight

Club: Supernova
Venue: The Arches
Date: Friday 4th February

Boss of X-Trax DJ Misjah rolls into town for Rotterdam techno action with the Hell DJs! Extra flourishes of electro-house, tech-house and minimal techno abound. Misjah may have ceased music production work, but the DJ party don’t stop!

Sounds like:

10.30pm-3am, £12

Extra: Tictactoe launch their monthly residency at The Arches Cafe bar with Cocoon star and founder of Horizontal Records, Dinky and her mixture of melodic techno, house, and electro. Resident Andrew Doran is on support with more minimal house and techno. Limited 300 people entry, 11pm-3am, £10+bf

Sounds like: Dinky for White Nights 06.08.10 by whitenights

And free Dinky mix here!

Club: Muck and Dirty Noise
Venue: Stereo
Date: Friday 4th February

Muck and Dirty Noise join forces to entice a Scotland debut from Oz’s Light Year, mashing up electro, house and askew beats. Residents PMcQ, Go-Dirty, Digital Stitch, Martin What? and Joe Crogan tend to your ears, and Mediaheroic looks after your visuals.

Sounds like:

11pm-3am, £5

Club: Numbers present Underground Quality
Venue: Sub Club
Date: Friday 4th February

New York house label Underground Quality (no relation to Lo-Quality!) has been invited for a showcase special by Glasgow’s Numbers, featuring the return of Levon Vincent and label boss Jus-Ed for longer sets of acid-tinged, broken-beat, deep house and dancefloor killers.

Sounds like:

11pm-3am, £10 adv.

Club: Slabs of the Tabernacle
Venue: La Cheetah
Date: Saturday 5th February

Slabs goes all ravey and post hip-hop when they invite Nottingham producer Lone to La Cheetah for pounding Chicago house. Andrew Ingram and Brian D’Souza support with italo, techno, disco and electro sounds.

Sounds like:

11pm-3am, £10 / £8 before midnight

Club: Deathkill4000

Venue: Bloc+
Date: Saturday 5th February

Our friend The Niallist has muscled his way onto the industrial rock club circuit for a live electro set, setting the filthiest possible tone of course! What a club name also - Deathkill4000!

10pm-3am, £2 / free before 11pm


Club: Dubpressure
Venue: The Tunnels
Date: Friday 4th February

One half of celebrated dubstep duo Digital Mystikz - Coki - takes the Tunnels by storm, which has secured two rooms of dub, grime and jungle! Unlikely and Ennayess back-to-back with Critic have room 1 while kidProquo, Jamin Nimjah and DJ Tee back-to-back with G-Reg take room 2.

Sounds like:

11.30pm-3am, £11/ £9.50 adv.

Club: Mixtape
Venue: Snafu
Date: Friday 4th February

Blistering and popping electro and techno courtesy of Turbo Records’ Popof comes to tech-house night Mixtape - feel your spinal fluid bubble through the power of synths!

Sounds like:

11pm-3am, £10

Club: Jungle Nation
Venue: Origin
Date: Saturday 5th February

Drum and bass night Jungle Nation reaches the rather momentous age of 14 this month, and the teenager is holding a special party with special guests Shy Fx and SP:MC - ramped up bass for all the family!

Sounds like:

11pm-3am, £12

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