Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Edinburgh Total Fail

Brothel Broke? The sluttiest girl? I could even let a crude pimps and ho's night slide, but having watched the City nightclub's lecherous clientele rutting against walls for non-themed nights, I can't help but think encouraging young females to reveal even more for braying crowds is a slip too far into exploitation.

Full story here

Managing to rile up sex workers and students with your club night? Total Fail.

UPDATE: Thanks to the quick thinking of Arron Ashton, the now deleted Facebook logs have been archived. Here are some choice quotes that blew the story from a poorly-informed choice to a raging argument on the social networking site, and ended up landing it in national papers.

In response to someone agreeing with the Edinburgh University Students' Association president saying that celebrating prostitution is not a good publicity stunt:

"LOL - that's so gay. Not the "EUSA PRESIDENT". He's not Barrack [sic] Obama, he put a few posters up round Potterow so his other gimpy mates like yourself could give him a meaningless title to put on his CV so he can tell "the man" he's organised a few pyjama parties in Teviot to prove he has 'people skills'. Was he also head prefect at school??

"Asking your mates to back you up on a Facebook wall for a harmless clubnight because term's ended and you've got nothing left to protest about... calm yourself down you fussing fishwife."
And in response to the original post by the EUSA president, Matt McPherson:
"Get off your high horse, sort your patter out and consider getting a job with your evidently useless degree so you have something better to spend your time doing."

Maybe next time, don't try to set up a meat stall in a venue actually located on Market Street, dictating a false image of sex workers, and then antagonising your target clientele.

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