Friday, 8 July 2011

Vinyl and Digital Reviews: Rhythm Section, Hedflux and Karton

In the first lot of reviews from new contributor Marc Reck, he investigates the latest breaks tunes to hit the digital and shop shelves.

KartonGirl With Vertigo (Sound of Habib)

A great mix of wobble bassline, dubstep influences and tech breaks rhythm; this, along with Feed the Horde are the two stand out tracks on Karton's forthcoming album, Find the Constant. If you like their last album you’ll most probably love the rest of the track too. You can hear both tracks on Mr Elephant Radio Show 37 and watch out for the album which is due to be released on Sound of Habib and Klub Kids.

Release date: July 2011

Rhythm SectionAtomic Bass (Ellis Dee & Twista Mix) (Distinctive Breaks)

Phat breakbeat remix of a classic old school tune from one of the original members of Rhythm Section and his trusty cohort Twista bringing a great tune right up to date, but still retaining the old school feel. A driving breakbeat and simple, yet solid, bassline drives the track with a load of cut up fills at the end of every 4 keeping things interesting. Pure dancefloor ammunition.

Release date: 18th July 2011 (played on Mr Elephant Radio Show 37)

Hedflux & NeurodriverEnergy Vibration (Broken Robot)

Hedflux, one of the hottest names in tech-breaks right now has teamed up with Broken Robot’s mastermind Neurodriver to deliver a corking release. Both Hedflux & Neurodriver deliver consistently solid releases each and every time and have a very distinct sound, which in this case produces a very nice combination of tech-breaks and psy-breaks. Instantly recognisable as their production, the track features solid expertly produced tech breaks which sits somewhere between 4/4 and breaks, coupled with an electronic psy-breaks bassline and loads of cool edits to create a rolling dancefloor killer, with an atmospheric buld up and a big drop. This one is exactly what you might imagine from such a collab, and while it doesn’t push their sound into particularly new territories, it does combine what they do very very well. The flip side is also a wicked track and you can hear that on Mr Elephant Radio Show 37.

Release date: August 2011

Available to buy:

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