Monday, 4 July 2011

Vinyl and Digital Reviews: Kris Wadsworth, Steve Angello and Alex Metric

Kris Wadsworth - Lime and Pink (One Records)
…from mean beats to warm grooves

The title track possesses a mean techno kick and Hard Wax feel evolving into satisfying deep house Detroit grooves, but is partnered by an unnecessary Burnski remix. Jozif develops the house style of ‘Barefoot’ into a curious track with the feel of a modern (and enjoyable) Cure re-work.

Out now

Alex Metric and Steve Angello - 'Open Your Eyes feat. Ian Brown' (Positiva / Virgin)
…will dominate the Spring dancefloors

Metric already scored a hit with the original instrumental, and indie kids will just be pleased to hear Ian Brown’s voice again, so there’s a winning formula in the mix for filter disco, electro and house track; it sounds a little dated, but this will still dominate mainstream dancefloors.

Out now

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